Ugh!!! Does half wonky cursor in text lines indicate bad RAM??!!

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by isaiah41v10, Mar 19, 2013.

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    I recently installed new crucial 16gb ram in new Mac Mini but now I am really concerned about the install. I had a little trouble getting the bottom module in and used 2 of the 4 nodes on the top of the module, as leverage to try and push it in. I eventually realized that the modules go in at an angle and there was no need to touch the nodes at all. I don't think I damaged anything but with delicate electronics you never know. Anyway I finally got the RAM installed and booted up the machine and it seemed to work fine. I opened up several programs at once (iphoto, imovie, safari, messages, mail, app store). I switched tasks back and forth and then while in safari started a discussion in the apple support communities. The cursor in text lines showed up as half a cursor. Could this be an indicator of a bad install or a damaged module? I am currently using mac mini with dell 1920x1080 24inch lcd monitor (2009). I know this is a repeat post and it is a little long but if anyone has any info on this based on what I described I'd really appreciate it.
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    New DRAM & new problems = bad or incompatible DRAM.
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    don't panic wait for my photos.

    look at the 4 thumbnails. 2 are open cursor 2 are buried cursor this is normal. .is this your symptom?

    here is the easy ram test


    here is the hard ram test also free but you need to burn a cd or a usb stick

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    That is completely normal. The second cursor you're seeing is the text selection cursor; it changes to that when over text so that you can select it. Click and drag over the text to select; you can then copy the text, and in word processing applications, edit it.
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    If you are describing what is shown in the photos above, then that is completely normal, and cursors have switched between those two shapes since the very first Macintosh.

    If it is something else, then seems unlikely that faulty RAM would manifest itself only in this very specific way. I would expect kernel panics (grey text which asks for a restart) and lots of other symptoms.
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    its not the arrow cursor but the text cursor when ready or already typing. It showed up as only half cursor like so ( ' )

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