UK Judge Who Chastised Apple Over Samsung 'Apology' Now Consulting as Patent Expert for Samsung


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Apr 12, 2001

A UK judge who was involved in a case in which Apple was ordered to publish a notice on its website saying that Samsung's Galaxy Tab did not copy the registered design for the iPad has been hired by Samsung as a patent expert in a separate legal battle with Ericsson, reports software patent blog FOSS Patents.

Sir Robin Jacob served on a panel of appeals court judges reviewing the case after Apple complied with the initial court order but in a rather playful manner, quoting judge Colin Birss's earlier comment that the Galaxy Tab was "not as cool" as the iPad. Sir Robin was unamused, and ordered Apple to change the notice, accusing the company of acting with a "lack of integrity".

FOSS Patents' Florian Mueller discovered that Sir Robin is now acting as a patent expert for Samsung from a mention in a letter from Samsung's legal counsel concerning the ITC investigation of a patent infringement complaint filed by Ericsson against Samsung. The blog points out that there is nothing illegal in the maneuver and expresses no doubt that the judge has acted properly at all times, but notes that the impression given is not necessarily a favorable one.
I ... have no doubt that at the time of the ruling Sir Robin Jacob was not being paid, or improperly promised to be paid, by Samsung, and he won't have had any contact with Samsung or Samsung's counsel that would have been against the rules and barred him from adjudicating the Samsung v. Apple case.

Furthermore, Sir Robin Jacob is truly an expert in patent law and there is no question that Samsung will benefit from his knowledge. That said, this just doesn't feel right. It gives the impression that a judge who deals Samsung's number one rival a huge PR blow, in a way that I found very extreme and unjustified, will be generously rewarded.
Mueller himself has found himself embroiled in a somewhat similar situation, having served as consultant to Oracle (as well as Microsoft) while also writing about the patent battle between Oracle and Google.

Article Link: UK Judge Who Chastised Apple Over Samsung 'Apology' Now Consulting as Patent Expert for Samsung


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Jun 17, 2012
Yeh, I wouldn't put it past Samsung to pay off people. After all without copying what would they be?


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Sep 29, 2009
Other than implying foul play and sparking fanboy angst, why is this even published
Yes. Because we love to learn that even if the judge is hired by Samsung to be their consultant, he can act professionally and be as impartial as before in his profession as a judge. This is a role model for all of us. Even if I'm paid by one side I can still be impartial. Great.


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Jun 22, 2009
Love all the tin foil hats people are wearing. This stuff happens all the time. And by this stuff - I don't mean what's being implied on this thread. I mean hiring EXPERTS as consultants.


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Nov 25, 2005
Other than implying foul play and sparking fanboy angst, why is this even published
"Implying foul play" is plenty of reason, isn't it?

Apple is probably free to put this onto their website. "On order of Judge soandso, who is now paid as a consultant for Samsung, we'd like to tell you that Samsung phones are the greatest phones. Believe it or not. "


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Dec 30, 2011
great comedic responses so far guys, keep it up, work is kind of slow today and need the entertainment


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Mar 5, 2011
Smells fishy....

I always thought that ruling was rather childish...
And Apple's "Playful compliance" wasn't ?

Apple took the piss and they got spanked. The Judge moved on and is being paid for his expertise. The writer of the blog is an idiot. They mention all the disclaimers about the Judge doing nothing improper at the time of the ruling and then chastise him for being able to earn money for his expertise.

Apple would be un-likely to hire him since he was one member of the panel that censured them for their shenanigans, however, if they had subsequently hired him for another matter, perhaps the blog writer would feel better about the world.

Whilst amusing that's as far as this story goes.

edit: In addition, the blog writer says that Apple "complied with the initial court order but in a rather playful manner". Well, they did not comply with the court order which is why they were censured in the first place. Also, no court in any jurisdiction likes their orders to be interpreted "in a rather playful manner". That lack of respect is bound to end only one way and frankly Apple were fortunate they were not dealt with more harsly or deemed to be in contempt.
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