UltraViolet Digital Movie Locker Service Will Close on July 31, 2019

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    Pirating Hollywood films is - clearly - the most convenient and reliable way to access them.

    So why is Hollywood surprised it's so popular?

    Until film studios make their product as convenient to buy and own as music is, they'll get all the piracy they deserve.

    (I'm a digital nomad - owning physical films is not an option.)
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    But would you really want to? There are some obscure titles that never made it to DVD, Blu-Ray or streaming. But there is a reason for that, they aren’t popular. In the meantime VHS tapes are an environmental mess, virtually nobody can recycle them and they are toxic.

    I haven’t seen any research on it, but I imagine streaming has a smaller environmental footprint than physical ownership. Streaming: original manufacture of the device, electricity consumption of the cloud servers and transmission. Ownership: original manufacture of the player, manufacture of the media, distribution, recycle opportunities when the media is no longer used. (And all the other links in the chain for both formats). This subject is never brought up in ownership vs streaming discussions.
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    Actually, iTunes Movies and TV shows is being built into most new smart TVs this year moving forward. Also iTunes is on Windows and has been for a long time. Apple is starting to care more about services revenue so expect to see this expand even more.
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    I checked and I already had Ultraviolet linked to Fandango Now, as well Movies Anywhere linked to Fandango Now. Only 4 movies were from UV.

    And in VUDU I had both UV and Movies Anywhere linked.

    In Movies Anywhere I had already linked it to iTunes, Prime Video, VUDU, Xfinity, Google Play, Microsoft, and Fandango Now retailers = 577 Movies total.

    I hadn't realized that all of my Movies Anywhere movies were showing up in Google Play until tonight. However, my UV Movies don't show up in Google Play library and I don't think I can connect them.

    My family of 5 really likes movies...
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    I download a copy of every iTunes movie I bought onto an 8TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID hard drive on my iMac (only 500GB free now), and I keep an offsite copy spread across a 6TB + 4TB external USB drives. The 6TB drive was my old iTunes drive, and the 4TB WD was my iTunes drive before that.

    I can usually fit everything but TV shows on the 6TB drive, and I can fit almost everything but the Movies on the 4TB, so I have some redundancy of backup data between the two drives.

    In addition I keep a clone of the iTunes Drive on my 20TB Drobo 5N NAS and 16TB formatted QNAP NAS in the house, which I update weekly. But I only update the offsite copy every 2-3 months.

    At some point my 20TB Drobo NAS will have to become my primary iTunes drive (when the 8TB gets full) and I'll use that 8TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID + the old 6TB RAID to contain my offsite backup. At that point I'll turn the old 4TB drive into a Time Machine backup of my iMac or something.

    The 5 hard drive Drobo 5N can be easily upgraded one drive at a time, so I don't have to back it up and replace all the drives at the same time (like I would have to with the QNAP when the 4 6TB drives are all full and I want to go bigger). So, Drobo should be able to grow with my library to a max of 64TB (unless a future software update allows bigger).
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    So, I'm hoping at some point that Apple will allow PLEX to read iTunes DRM files.
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    Like always, you should keep backups ie. "hard copies" off-site.

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