Unable to change Itunes & App Store AppleID Login?

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    Setup family sharing with multiple iphones and ipads. Everything is working fine but I think sometime ago I used my own ID instead of my spouse for downloading items. Now when I try to change the settings in my iPhone from my own ID to my spouse ID in the Settings > iTunes and App Store. The Sign on just shakes and tells me the ID or password is incorrect. I am able to log in to AppleID using my spouse AppleID but on my iPhone I cannot do so. Why as some of the downloads she made for other devices when I tried to download tells me to pay but the kids are able to download with no problem. Is it because some of the apps were downloaded in my own AppleID and not her so the device does not allow me to change?


    Spouse - Organizer (Credit Card is also spouse)

    myself -



    iPad - works

    iphone spouse (iTunes and App Store - spouse AppleID)

    iphone mine (iTunes and App Store - MY AppleID) ----------------------Problem is here >> somehow I am unable to change this.

    iphone son (iTunes and App Store - spouse AppleID)

    iphone daughter (iTunes and App Store - spouse AppleID)
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    I don't know if this will help:

    I was unable to log in to iCloud and iTune Store after I got a new iPad and was required to change my log-in ID from my old username to a username that is also an email. I was able to set up the new iPad, but having changed my log-in from the username to the email, I could not log in with the older iPad because it kept insisting on using the old log-in ID.

    The solution was to log out of everything, and then log back in using the new log-in ID. I really didn't understand what was going on. An Apple customer service rep talked me through it over the phone. I'm not sure I understand exactly what your problem is but you might want to try logging completely out of everything on the affected device and logging back in using the log-in ID you want to use.

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