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Oct 4, 2015
I currently have a :

Mac Pro 5,1 (early 2009)
2 x 2.93ghz quad core intel xenon
24gb ram
(internal drives maxed out for storage)

and a :

MacBook Pro 13” late 2011
2.4ghz intel core i5
16gb ram
2tb storage

Im a music producer and use Ableton and logic, mostly ableton. My Mac Pro is my main studio comp, my laptop is used when I’m not at my studio, bit of a scaled down version.
On my Mac Pro, In the last year or so I’ve noticed the more and more plugins And tracks I use the more Ableton can’t handle it. Checked activity monitor and ram seems fine (Looks like I’m using 9gb out of my 24 when I’ve maxed ableton out)

I was looking at a Mac Pro replacement but they’re just too much and after I read a few threads on here it seems pointless buying a 5,1 or 6,1 - so I thought what about ditching the Mac Pro and my MacBook Pro altogether and getting a new MacBook Pro that could be used in the studio and to take with me when I leave my main studio.

Things I need -

Speed/power to combat the problems I’m having now when running ableton.

At the main studio I have a lot of usb connections (many hardware pieces connected via usb) probably about 20-30 USB’s connected (2 Orico usb hubs full, all Mac Pro USB ports used and I put an expansion slot in the back for 4 more.

Storage - I have about 10tb on the internal drives of the Mac Pro. Startup drive is a 250 or 750 SSD.

Can I do away with the Mac Pro and use a mbp to power the studio?
Any advice and help would be gratefully appreciated



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Feb 20, 2009
I don't think a 2011 MBP will handle all that.

Have you considered a 2018 Mini?
i7 version, with enough RAM?
If price is a consideration, buy from the Apple-refurbished store.

Or possibly, even one of the now-discontinued "trashcan" Mac Pros (first released in 2013)?
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