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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by xilebat, Mar 4, 2011.

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    I've come into some unexpected cash and I'm a PowerPC holdout (maybe THE PowerPC holdout). The new machine must do double duty in my home as Windows and OSX machine.

    My question is about the SSD. Apple wants a lot for it, and I want to make sure I can run both OS's off of it, including 'core' apps like MS OFFICE (windows) and Photoshop (mac or windows), and Camtasia.

    All output would go to the files drive, and the OS/core apps would run off of the SSD.

    The Apple Rep said Windows requires a minimum of 32 GB for a partition, and that OSX takes up only 5 GB. It's looking like I could partition this just fine for both OS's and the core apps. Unless my math and knowledge of storage is out of date. Is there a technical reason I wouldn't want to do this?

    Or I could go RAID with 2 1 terabyte disc drives, save a lot of money, and still get pretty fast disc performance.

    Thanks for thoughts on this.
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    I am assuming you want a mac pro not a macbookpro. apple sells refurbished 2010 quad 2.8 machines for about 2149. the speed boost would be silly good. refurb page is below


    I purchased about 20 drives from this seller. He accepted an offer for 165. I would buy two hdds from him. they come new sealed with warranty. This would give you 3 hdds with a total of 7tb. more then enough storage. play with these for a while.


    last on ssds wait just a bit. see this article about intels long awaited 3rd gen drives


    these will come in many sizes. the upgrade speed boost will keep you until april or may then you can grab one.
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    I'd wait for thunderbolt to ship on the mac pros or else you may be stuck unable to use thunderbolt devices till your next upgrade. The intel 3rd gen ssds should also save you some money or give you additional ssd storage for the same price. The mac pros aren't bad or old. But just missing promising new connection port.
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