Upgrading MA206LL/A CPU & RAM - whats compatible?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by BODKAx3BEPb, Jan 31, 2011.

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    May 7, 2010
    I'm looking into upgrading my MA206LL/A mac mini CPU and RAM. My question is what is the best / fastest processor that is compatible with the motherboard? What should I look for in terms of compatibility for the CPU? What about the RAM?
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    your machine is a core duo 1.66 it is not a core 2 duo. this limits your ram to a pair of 1gb sticks .. you can put in a t7600 cpu which is 2.33ghz but you will be stuck at 2gb ram max. here is an ebay link for a t7600 cpu

    this is one of the best ebay sellers for a t7600 cpu. make sure it has pins and works in a mac mini. ie send this seller an email. I am over 95% sure the one below is right for your mac mini


    as an aside I do not recommend you do it. the ram limit of 2 1gb sticks and 667 speed will be a bottle neck. I would try to sell the mini on ebay and buy a 2010 refurb mini. your cost overall would not be terrible
  3. MacHamster68, Feb 1, 2011
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    a Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7400 2.16 ghz would fit too, but cost not much less
    but a new processor is not really economical with prices of around $250 , but maybe its just because i live in europe where these early minis still sell for quiet a lot , so upgrading the processor and ram brings you above the price of a used mini 08 and 09 models ,and even close to a used 2010 model but i live in europe
    so i would look into getting a working and "tested" used one , its more cost effective and processors are the most reliable parts in any computer really so can be bought used without much risk if the seller is serious and has testing facilities

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