Upgrading to Macbook, Whats the difference?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Azukius, Dec 12, 2008.

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    Dec 12, 2008
    I'm thinking to upgrade from my old windows box with a celeron 3.06 GHz and 512 MB ram and intergrated graphics which i've had since forevever to a new 2.0 MacBook and I was just wondering if anyone had any idea as too the difference i'd notice in terms of speed etc. I'm fairly technically illiterate so unsure as to what the numbers actually mean.
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    well if youre wondering about the giga hertz difference the Core 2 Duo's kill the Celerons in terms of performance and then on top of that have another core. this is the "mega hertz" myth (well gigahertz in this case :p)… it seems the Celeron is faster as it has 1.06 more giga hertz but in fact the Core 2 Duo will spank it.

    the 2.0 GHz model is just an underclocked version of the 2.4 GHz so it will still be as fast in normal usage but the 2.4 GHz will be faster when maxing out both cores when number crunching.

    also the MacBook has 2 gigs of RAM and on top of that its DDR3 while your PC prob has DDR2 or even DDR and the Nvidia integrated graphics will out perform the Intel integrated graphics im assuming you have in your PC.

    so you will notice a huge difference in speed especially with Mac OS X even though its a notebook…
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    When Celerons where sold they were quite inefficient. A 2GHz Celeron had the power a 800MHz PPC processor from Apple had. Why? Because, the architecture of Celerons was sloppy and even though it had high clock numbers, the processor made poor use of such power. To illustrate, a PPC did an addition and multiplication in one clock cycle. A Celeron took one clock cycle to add and another one to multiply. Now, today's Core 2 Duos are very efficient. They are efficient that a 1.8Ghz Core 2 Duo can out preform a 3.06Ghz Celeron.

    Also, the Front Side Bus in the new MacBooks out performs any FSB from any Desktop before Sept 2008, so you will most certainly get a speed burst there.

    Ram, you get a nice 2GB of it and if need be, you can later update it to 4GB. So you will have as much Ram as you need and not slow down your Mac.

    HDs, there is no difference there. Same old 5400rpms but you can get a faster 7200rpm now a days.

    Other than that, you have the nVidia graphics chip which will outperform by far you old Intel integrated graphics crap.

    More questions? Post!

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