iPhone X UPS said to many phones to ship


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Feb 28, 2012
nice Freddy, sounds like UPS doesnt care to get any apple business in the future


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Mar 27, 2017
Looks like $999 or $1,099 doesn't leave Apple with enough profit to book UPS flights.

No pay, no flights.
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Oct 2, 2013
New York, NY
Lol companies make contracts with brokers to ship x amount of shipments in a period of time. Apple exceeded it which means UPS wouldn’t get paid to move it. Not that they don’t want to ship it.


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Feb 12, 2008
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This Freddy just told me apple was sending to many phones so some had to be left behind.....WTF....never heard of this..... GO FEDEX....apple leave that sorry azz UPS ALONE
Not trying to be rude but every year around this time, Apple releases new iPhones. People just can’t leave the delivery company alone. Asking them where my iPhone is, it is not moving in China, I want to deliver somewhere else but wait let me cancel my request. How many times have I read these here.

Freddy probably gotten 1000 of the same chat request today. Is freddy wrong sure he is. But man people, leave the carrier alone. Your iPhone will arrive. Don’t open ticket with apple support asking them where it is. Apple already given you a time range when you placed your order. Again, your iPhone will arrive.


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Sep 13, 2014
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This has been a big big mess on the Apple Pre order thread, pages and pages of it. But a lot of it seems to be a major issue on UPS end, tracking info all screwed up. Showing delayed until the 24th...but according to reps, it WILL come tomorrow.

Or online tracking of the phone/watch still showing in China, whiles it may actually be at the local hub. Items going from China to Alaska to Louisville...somehow back in China again. The OP message, if I got that I would be FUMING!


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Sep 12, 2012
They had a natural disaster I would cut UPS some slack !!!! It's just a phone at least you are not sitting in the heat waiting for your power to come back on and dealing damage to your property . Pretty sad that some of you don't get this .
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