iPhone 11 Pro USB-C would have made the transition so much simpler...


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Sep 13, 2016
With no Lightning-to-Lightning cable and Apple's inexplicable lack of adoption for USB-C on the Pro iPhone line, I had to get creative to try out the new transfer method. Honestly kind of surprised it actually worked! The hub is actually from my third party Nintendo Switch dock! Anyone else have any unique methods for updating to their new device today??



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Jun 30, 2007
There’s the cloud for a reason
The icloud/local backups are great when they work. I've spent hours on the phone with Apple Support and they can't get any of my backups (local or iCloud) to go. So off to the store and hope the transfer method works.


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May 16, 2015
Wire transfer is almost always faster and more reliable than wireless transfer. And I like this workaround. It is true that iPhone not having USB-C ports hurt, but it is what it is I think. However, one should be able to transfer data from iPhone to iPad and vice versa using Lightning to USB-C cable in iOS 13. Not saying it is that useful but looks cool nonetheless.
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