used 2011 mini on the way .. questions on OS?


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Mar 5, 2012
I just picked one up and it is being shipped now ...

I have a few questions ...

Since it is new I would prefer a new OS install, do I have to buy the OS or is it on the HD somewhere where I can just send everything back to factory settings and be good to go?

Since coming from PC I am paranoid about using preinstalled OS's ... Keyloggers and the such scare the crap out of me. So I want to be able to sleep at night knowing I am safe.

If I have Snow Leopard 10.6.3 disk, should I install that and buy the Lion OS on my apple account?

Thoughts? :confused:


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Mar 5, 2012
It will have a recovery partition:
OS X Lion: About Lion Recovery
Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

And the 10.6.3 DVD will not work, as it does not have drivers for 2010 and 2011 Macs.
thanks so much!


ok one other question ...

it says:

If you reinstall Lion on a new Mac that shipped with OS X Lion installed, on an erased or replaced hard drive, you can download iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand from the Mac App Store.

After installation, start from Lion.
Double-click the App Store icon in the dock.
Enter your Apple ID and password.
Click Purchases.
If you haven't previously accepted your bundled iLife applications within the Mac App Store, you should see your iLife applications appear in the Accept portion of the screen. Click Accept.
You may be asked for your Apple ID and password once again. Your iLife applications now move to the Purchased section. These applications are part of the software that came with your Lion based computer. Your account will not be charged for them. Click Install to compete installation of your applications.
does that mean I can get those for free or will I have to buy them since I have a used computer?


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Apr 13, 2010
Howell, New Jersey
I am not sure of your skill set with macs but here goes. Plug it in and boot. Make sure you have a keyboard usb is better but wireless can work.

Once you get to the desk top screen call up disk utility. go to partition

it should read macintosh hd.

make a second partition use half the hdd it will call it macintosh hd2. my screen shot is different. but it should give you an idea what to do. now that you have the original osx and the new partition. go to the apple on the top left of the screen click it then press restart as soon as restart is pressed take your finger and hold down the option key on the keyboard. in a min or two you will get a choice of startup osx the oem osx and recovery osx should come up. pick the recovery osx and it should say do yo want a network recovery say yes and pick the new partition macintosh hdd2. the instal may take an hour or more even 10 hours if you have a slow net connection. once the instal is done. you will have the oem install your new install and a recovery install all on the same hdd. press restart hold the option key and pick the new install. see what is on it and what you need to add.

you can copy some programs from the oem install safely with click and drag.


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Mar 5, 2012
ok once I copy over the programs I need can I delete the recovery stuff and partition?

My knowledge is a new mac convert, coming from using a PC for 20+ years ...:eek:


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Jul 11, 2007
ok once I copy over the programs I need can I delete the recovery stuff and partition?
Hi Dooby,

The recovery partition itself is very small, less than a GB. Leave it as it is,
you may need to repair the volume at some stage or to re install the OS and the recovery partition is essential for operations such as these.

Good luck with your Mac and don't be concerned with malware, keyloggers, viruses etc.