Using Carbon Copy Cloner to create just an OS X bootable disk

Discussion in 'macOS' started by delfinx, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Nov 4, 2016
    Hello, this is my second thread about this topic once i decided to solve my problem using Carbon Copy Cloner.
    My Mac Pro (mid 2010) came with the Grey (Machine specific) Install DVD 10.6.4, i was updating it through the Software Update utility till reach 10.6.8. Currently this is the OS X version installed in my main HD and running without any problem.
    As i have lost or misplaced the original Grey DVD shipped with my Mac, my goal is to create a bootable disk, partition, Disk image, DVD, or USB flash memory... with just and only the necessary operating system content. In other words: something as closer as what you get after a clean OS X Install ( i guess the Admin Settings and maybe other folders should be included together with the System Files, no idea what they would be tho.)
    I want to do this cose my current main HD (which it will be the source of the cloning) uses 975 Gb, too heavy for my purpose that is only to keep a bootable clean 10.6.8. (I do not know what weight it would have, 150 Gb? less?)
    I would appreciate some clues about what kind of content may i omit in order to get the less heavy (but still bootable and fully usable) clone of my main HD.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Unless there was another revision that I'm not aware of, the last retail DVD was 10.6.3 and therefore usually won't include the drivers for a machine that came with 10.6.4.
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    Nov 4, 2016
    Thanks for the quick response chscag but the only avaiable retail Snow Leopard is 10.6.3 earlier than my machine which came with 10.6.4,so there is no way to install it in Mid 2010 Macs, in fact i purchased that retail DVD and didn't work at all, Apple returned my money back.
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    Yes Nermal you are completely right about that.
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    Caught in the Twilight Zone with that model! The Apple disk you lost was a "2Z691-6698-A" I believe. Hard to find because of the particular situation.

    You should be able to do it with CCC. Create a new empty admin user account if you don't already have one, login to it and set the preferences the way you'd like, then use CCC to clone...unchecking all of the User accounts except the new one and unchecking all the Applications that you don't need and you KNOW aren't Apple ones. You could take it further and try unchecking Application Support stuff that's associated with the unchecked apps and hunting for other, unneeded files that take up space.

    Let us know if it works.
  6. delfinx, Jan 24, 2017
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    Nov 4, 2016
    Hello Brian i followed your guidelines creating a new User Account and cloning my main HD unchecking the previos Admin Account Folder. The task was performed successfully so i can boot from the new cloned HD as expected. The only two issues i have notice so far are:
    1.-Once the system starts it shows the Login screen with still the "old Admin Account" (the one i unchecked before cloning) and the new Account. It lets me login with any of them although the Old Account doesn't contain the old user account's items neither its preference settings.
    2.-I have also noticed i can't access the User Library folder (and others) in the source HD.There are lots of folders with the Prohibited sign on them, and tells me i don't have enough rights to access those folders.

    How could I fix those issues? It is annoy to have to login every time i start my Mac instead get logged in automatically with the new User Account. And also i need access to the source HD files in order to copy preferences, among other data, to the destination HD.
    Thanks in advance.
  7. delfinx thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 4, 2016
    EVERYTHING FIXED! Thanks to everybody.
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    Jan 26, 2017
    What did you do to get CCC, to fix the problem? I recently switch to Apple from being a Pc user since 1994 , since 2015 I use image back that after you reboot. The image program put every thing back like the day I image the hard drive . It was automatic
  9. delfinx, Jan 26, 2017
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    Nov 4, 2016
    Hello Macboy can you explain the procedure more detailed? And also how do you get to put every thing back from the disk image and be able to boot the system from that disk image's content?
    That could be made, maybe, only with the latest Os X on new computers. Mine is Mac Pro ( mid 2010) and I am using Snow Leopard 10.6.8. no idea tho.

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