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snow leopard

  1. R

    Decrypting a WD external hard drive with Mac OS snow panthers files with a PC. I really F’ed up.

    Some years ago I stored some officials documents on an external western digital hard drive, I also thought it was cool to decrypt them. The operating system was snow leopard, and most of the the files are (.jpegENX) Of course I no longer own a Mac, and I need some of these files to fill in the...
  2. WilliApple

    Should macOS 14 be an update like macOS Snow Leopard?

    Greetings! macOS .0 updates over the past couple of years have been pretty buggy lately. Last time we got an update that focused on bug fixes and improvements was Mac OS X Snow Leopard. It was (and kinda still is) considered the greatest macOS version to be made. Now that brings us to today...
  3. J

    Intel Mac OS 10.6.8 Transferring iMovies to iCloud?

    I have an old Intel iMac running snow leopard version 10.6.8 and I am in the process of backing up my iPhoto library to the iCloud iDrive through Firefox browser. As far I know there is no way to use iCloud on this OS version so my only option is create folders and to save picture files up...
  4. tompaulman

    Snow Leopard system preferences icons for Mojave

    I’ve been trying to make Mojave look like Snow Leopard, but one thing I couldn’t find was a theme for System Preferences. So I made my own. It’s my first theming project and I decided to share it, even though I don’t think anyone will care about it, since Mojave has been out of support for a...
  5. Enrico_C

    Installing Snow Leopard on early Macbook Air to run Final Cut 7

    Hello all. I'll jump straight to the issue: my goal is to run Final Cut 7 on a Macbook Air. I have a 2007 iMac devoted to this purpose but finding myself travelling a lot, I would like to edit on the move using the lightest and most economical solution (small screen size is not an issue as I...
  6. L

    Snow Leopard & EPSON Stylus CX 4200 Printer Woes

    Despite the EPSON driver download webpage correctly sensing that my parent's old iMac was running Snow Leopard and offering a specific driver install package and the install going smoothly, the unit does not print anything on the page. The printer seems to move (paper and print head(s))...
  7. B S Magnet

    Midnight strikes… does your OEM Optical Drive-equipped Intel Mac running Snow Leopard try to eject media?

    On a one-to-ten priority scale of importance, this one ranks just below a “1”. But since it happens every time, and since I was in the middle of doings things today when it happened, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to ask. If you use 10.6.8 on a Mac which is designed to run 10.6.8 (as supported by...
  8. alex_free

    Legacy Springboards for Commercial Web Services Wiki

    The web is getting more and more bloated. Even with TenFourFox FPR 32 Intel on Snow Leopard (2.93GHz, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA 9600M GT 512MB) the modern is unusable due to how slow everything functions (even with uBlock legacy). Yes, I know there are other browser options and tweaks, but I...
  9. C

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard Wallpaper Folder - Google Drive Here is a folder of every wallpaper bundled with OS X Snow Leopard. I ripped this in it's original quality from my 2006 MacBook Pro, so enjoy!
  10. B S Magnet

    MacBookPro4,1 neofetch GPU reporting, uh, confusion?

    I’m sure there’s probably a simple technical explanation behind this which I haven’t yet found on MR or elsewhere. Maybe the resident GPU experts on here — ahem, @Amethyst1 — might have some insight. Why would neofetch report a MacBookPro4,1’s GPU not as a GeForce 8600M GT, but as… an Intel HD...
  11. X

    Retail demo software 10.5, 10.6, 10.7

    Hey everyone, I’m currently seeking old Mac OS 10.5 to 10.7 demo software, users or backups of those. Could these files may still exist in the Apple asw? If you have something or you know where I’ll be able too get this software please write me a message.
  12. J

    Frequent Kernel Panics, Sudden Restarts, Etc.

    I have a 2009 pre-unibody Macbook (Macbook 5,2) running OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard). I understand that a machine this old might be tricky (or not worth it) to repair, but I'd like to take a stab at it if possible. In the last week or so, it has been suffering from intermittent but frequent system...
  13. H

    MP 1,1-5,1 Need help restoring Snow Leopard to Mac Pro Six Core Westmere 2010

    Hello Everyone! I am music composer working in TV and film. I'm writing the music for a documentary and want to use some legacy software which needs to run on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 I bought a second hand Mac Pro westmere 2010 which originally shipped with OS 10.6.4 I rather foolishly thought it...
  14. B S Magnet

    Resolved Was there a phantom MacBook Pro being used for the Trackpad gesture video clips in Snow Leopard?

    I don’t know of a MacBook Pro with a trackpad that large with a button that thin. The first attached clip comes from the 10.6.8 version of Trackpad prefPane, but several more like this can be found in the 10.5.8 version of the same (like the second clip). I’m speculating when I ask whether...
  15. B S Magnet

    Add emoji (“backmoji”) support to Snow Leopard (as well as Leopard & Tiger)

    Whilst looking for ways to get some level of basic emoji support for the Clouded Leopard project (Snow Leopard for PowerPC), I learnt of a nifty way to integrate a basic, early emoji support for Snow Leopard, Leopard, and even Tiger. This workaround for what I guess amounts to backmojis can be...
  16. I

    Discord on Snow Leopard

    Hello, I’m running a Late 08 Macbook (Polycarbonate) with Snow Leopard on it. I’ve tried so many browsers and I can’t find one with discord working perfectly, Chrome hogs RAM and doesn’t load server icons, and all mozilla based browsers are stupidly slow. I downgraded from Lion which I used...
  17. JohnAJ

    Restore Leopard-like Exposé in Snow Leopard

    When Snow Leopard was released, a lot of people (myself included) were upset that Apple changed the behavior of Exposé. Before Snow Leopard, Exposé arranged the windows in their original arrangement, with their relative sizes retained. This made it easy to find windows quickly, making Exposé the...
  18. wicknix

    Web browsers for early Intel Macs

    Finding web browsers that are still usable on today’s web can be a chore for older versions of OS X. The following is a list of known, up-to-date (or relatively up-to-date) and maintained web browsers, e-mail clients, and FTP clients, for Intel Macs with at least Snow Leopard support, then Lion...
  19. E

    Help - Can Snow Leopard run on a 2015 Mac using Parallels 16?

    I have a 2014 MacBook Pro and want to use PPC software that is on a 2007 Mac. It needs to run on Snow Leopard as it is only compatible with Power PC. The software is Quicken for Mac 2007 and it is the version that is only runs on PPC. Is it possible to use Parallels 16 to run the software...
  20. C

    2007 Macbook A1181 not booting after powered USB insertion that lead to initial shutdown

    I was using my 2007 Macbook and I (foolishly) tried inserting a random 12V/3AMP AC adaptor into a cheap USB Hub I have whilst it was plugged into my macbook and then my macbook immediately shut off and hasn't booted back up. I've tried removing battery and resetting the SMC, the magsafe...