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Jun 8, 2016
Central Florida
Any body using HomePod and Alexa together? I have the HomePod but am disappointed with the slow roll out of its abilities. Considering adding an Alexa unit that would be easier for the wife to use.

Any body using both in the same household? Any issues?



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Nov 16, 2017
Yes, I had Alexa first throughout the house and got a HomePod a couple of weeks ago. No issues with doing it that I have seen. Alexa still works just as well and HomePod does everything it should. I am going to be replacing Alexa with HomePods assuming Apple makes a lower cost version. I find Siri's microphone is much better at hearing and understanding. Alexa's skills are more vast, but the only real thing I ask it are smart home requests and weather updates.


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Apr 27, 2015
Philadelphia, PA
I had Alexa throughout my house, but I purchased a HomePod and I am looking forward to replacing all of them. I like the Home app better for housing everything, I feel like Siri responds to more natural requests (Alexa would fail often), and it obviously sounds great and integrates with all my Apple stuff. Plus I don't trust Amazon. I am happily moving on.
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Dec 15, 2010
Yes got a homepod in the lounge for my music/timers/shopping list

while i use google mini for my bedroom and plan to get another mini for the lounge as for general questions the google assistant is a far better option. Best of both worlds.


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Jan 8, 2012
I had an Alexa but it was replaced by the HomePod. Since mine is used mostly for music and HomeKit devices the HomePod really shined. While I'm not dismissing Alexa's abilities I just didn't leverage them enough to miss them.

I "replaced" Alexa due to privacy concerns although both world work just fine together. For me there wouldn't be any conflicts or anything like that.
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