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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by A.Chakery, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. A.Chakery, Dec 9, 2011
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    A.Chakery macrumors member

    Aug 27, 2011
    Vienna, Austria

    I am a web designer and I wanna put my PC away and start to use Macmini instead.

    Here is my PC's specs :
    Corei5 CPU / 4GB of Ram / Windows 7

    and now I wanna purchase a Corei5 mac mini.

    I almost do not turn off my PC (for downloading/rendering and other stuffs)

    I wanna know if Macmini can fulfill my needs ? (and please note that I don't wanna see it burned after a month :) )

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. DDave macrumors regular

    Oct 10, 2009
    I've got a Mini that runs continuously as my home theater pc. So that shouldn't be a worry. But saying that I'm also a huge fan of Applecare.
  3. blevins321 macrumors 68030

    Dec 24, 2010
    Winnipeg, MB
    Ditto to all of this. Newer Macs are terrific when it comes to Wake-on-LAN, too. So you could set the Mac to sleep then it will automatically wake up when you try to access it over the network for any functions. I wake mine for HTPC functions, file transfers, web server functions, etc... all the time and it's fine. Applecare is terrific too. If you're a student, it's only $100 for the Mini, and $150 full price, but you can find discounts on the interwebs from time to time.
  4. A.Chakery thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 27, 2011
    Vienna, Austria
  5. zen.state macrumors 68020


    Mar 13, 2005
    If you actually did a tiny bit of research you would see that loads of people use Mini's as servers which means 24/7 operation.

    Computers have fans for a reason..
  6. fa8362 macrumors 65816

    Jul 7, 2008
    I wouldn't waste my money on Apple Care. I've been using Macs for 25 years without ever needing it. Extended warranties are for fools.
  7. philipma1957 macrumors 603


    Apr 13, 2010
    Howell, New Jersey
    well depends. for a macmini maybe not ,

    but if you max an iMac for 4 k plus you can get a 3yr warranty for 120 as a student or as a government worker. even if you don't use the applecare but sell the gear in 2 years that 1 year left on the warranty will help sell it. for a macmini i would not buy apple care.
  8. tums macrumors member

    Oct 22, 2008
    Yes, yes and yes. I have had a mac mini since 2006 and have never turned them off. The last two have been running 24/7 for the past two years.
  9. warvanov macrumors 6502a

    Oct 13, 2011
    My first gen mac mini from 2005 is still working with very few problems. I've used it as a home theater PC, as a server, and as my primary computer. It's been running almost constantly for over six years now and I've only recently begun to have problems with the optical drive.

    I can only imagine that the current Mac mini would perform just as admirably.
  10. A.Chakery thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 27, 2011
    Vienna, Austria
    Again thanks anyone,

    really appreciate your help :)
    I fully got my answer ....
  11. disconap macrumors 68000


    Oct 29, 2005
    Portland, OR
    Seconded. I also buy a lot of refurbs. Apple is actually really good about customer service and honoring warranties, and the "genius" bar, though often staffed with people less knowledgable than I am (no offense or arrogance intended, I can't strip an iPhone and they can, that's pretty much their main job these days) are usually willing to diagnose and sometimes even fix problems at no cost. I think in the 20+ years I've owned Apple products, I've paid for repairs once, and that was because I accidentally spilled absinthe on a motherboard.

    BTW, when that happened, they only charged me for the mobo...
  12. HastaLaVista macrumors member

    And I've been a Mac user for the past three years. I've had to use my Apple Care for each MBP and MacBook I own (Logic Boards the both of them), I will be getting Apple Care when I get the Mac Mini.
  13. maril1111 macrumors 68000


    Mar 14, 2010
    Same but I think it also has to do with a bit of luck, my brother never had problems with his macs, i had all of mine in at least ones in repair (luckily covered under warranty)
  14. lilsoccakid74 macrumors 6502

    Apr 13, 2010

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