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    Note: Both games on sale at Steam through July 22, 2013 including both games in a package.

    WarGame: Air Land Battle

    By the makers of War Game: European Escalation, that has a Mac version available to play on Steam, this new release Air Land Battle is Windows only, at least for the time being. For those unfamiliar, it's a RTS game.

    What I found was that the solo campaign in European Escalation was so tough, I could not get through one of the early missions, as I recall the 4th or 5th one in sequence, despite multiple attempts. I did not care for the fact that the results of a previous battle carried forward to the next one. Then I got wrapped up in Planetside and World of Tanks and let it lie there.

    Now Air Land Battle comes along, is PC only, which in itself won't stop me, my son is bugging me to get it so we can coop, but I'm wondering if anyone is playing and what they think of it as compared to EE?



    IGN review
    This worries me:
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    Not really. There's no base building or resource mining and similar. It's far more about actual tactics than tank rushing.

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