Warning: Sonnet Tempo Pro Expresscard to esata does not work in 10.7.2

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by NeedMoreVideo, Oct 13, 2011.

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    I've verified on 2 Macbook Pros (a 15" 3,1 and a 17" 8,3) that the Sonnet Tempo Pro Expresscard3/4 to esata adapter does not work with Lion 10.7.2 with the current latest drivers for the card (dated Aug-04-2011).

    I've tested this on both the server and client version of Mac OS X.

    You get the following dumped to the Console logs, and the disk refuses to mount with a "disk is not initialized" error:
    10/12/11 11:57:57.000 PM kernel: SonnetATADMABusCommand::prepare Failed to prepare buffer status = e00002c9
    10/12/11 11:57:57.000 PM kernel: SonnetSATA::executeCommand failed to prepare Command e00002c9
    10/12/11 11:57:57.000 PM kernel: IOBlockStorageDriver[IOBlockStorageDriver]; executeRequest: request failed to start!
    10/12/11 11:57:57.000 PM kernel: CoreStorageGroup::completeIORequest - error 0xe00002c9 detected for LVG "ExternalMirror" (D5777B2D-A1D8-4910-8DB3-0BEB7758CBCB), pv 26D19BE2-FDB7-4602-8F0A-2148F4E56663, near LV byte offset = 0.
    The same disk works fine using a different express card adapter under 10.7.2, however this one is not port multiplier aware, so I am only able to see the first volume on my RAID.

    I'm reverting my Mac file server back to 10.7.1 until either this is resolved or I find a different way to connect my storage.

    I have emailed this to Sonnet as well...

    The errors posted above do not appear in Google's search results at all, so I'm posting them here so the next person can use this.
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    Just to try to confirm, is this why I periodically am told that I unplugged my drive without ejecting first? I replaced two hard drives because I couldn't be sure if it was the card, the cables, the enclosures or the drives. the drives died because of this behavior... so they were the first to be replaced.
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