Watch band storage trays, cases and boxes [MERGED]

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Jul 17, 2002
Simple, yes. Cheap, not so much.

The neodymium push pin magnets are almost $1/each (20 for $18 plus tax) on Amazon ... you need two magnets for each band... so that's 264 magnets for your 132 bands... at $18/20 pieces, it's almost $240 for magnets plus the cost of the white boards... there are other magnets that are cheaper (60 for $16 plus tax), but they are not the neodymium magnets, and may not hold as strongly - slipping, sliding down the board.

Do you have a cheaper source for the neodymium push pin magnets?
It wasn't super cheap, but in relation to the cost of a vast collection of watch bands it was cheap enough (to me). Also, the 1/1 ratio of €/$/magnet doesn't hold when you buy a larger amount. I got 72 magnets for 48 Euros 48/72 and the IKEA white boards were also pretty cheap. But yeah, it's more expensive than just throwing the lot in a big drawer.


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Aug 10, 2013
Yes, I do my best to match something each day. I just reprinted out a new label set to include the three new Sport band colors. Lol...I don’t know which color is my favorite — in some ways, every sport band is because I love trying to find clothes to match them with. All of these are Apple’s, too...not into knock-offs. Took me a while to find some that were out of production from 2015 but now that I have them, I’ll continue to get each season’s Sport bands as long as Apple continues to make them! ;)
I too love to match my band with what I'm wearing. I think it's fun to do.


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Oct 3, 2019
I used to have my Apple Watch straps in transparent acrylic drawers from Muji, but for me this solution still lacked „visibility“ and I would always take a few out of the drawers to decide which one to wear that day. Not anymore! I got two magnetic whiteboards from IKEA and a lot of strong small magnets. For me, this is ideal as it‘s much easier to pick and choose.

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I love this idea, it turns the bands into an art piece while displaying them. Unfortunately I don’t have any easily accessible wall space available, or I’d totally do this with cork board. Maybe in the future... for now I’ll just have to stick with my decorative box.
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Sep 3, 2013
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Just saw this on the Apple store. Von Holzhausen watch strap portfolio. VERY expensive.

Does anyone have one and can share some real life pics and reviews?



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Dec 14, 2019
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The two boxes are totally different but very similar sizes. I got them both at goodwill! One was a salt box that held some kind of yard sport game like horseshoes or? The other was a collection display case that had some little rectangle indentation insert, who knows? Lol I painted them both to match my room.
You did a great job on those boxes.
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I made myself a storage box for all of watch bands. I bought a box at Joann's, sanded it, stained it and lined it with felt.
That's some really nice work. Great looking box.