Weekly Photo Contest March 25th - Apr 2nd 'Stay at Home [emoji537] '


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May 26, 2016
With all the madness going around with the Coronavirus pandemic and countries employing "lockdown". With all the messages floating around the news outlets and social media about "social distancing" and with the trending #tag on twitter being "StayAtHome", I thought this would be a perfect time to see what makes it "home" for you?!

So the topic this week is - Stay at Home 🏡. With all of us being stuck indoors, take your time and show me what makes you feel at home. This may not necessarily be a picture of your home but it can be, of course. I would also like a bit of explanation behind the submission and what makes it special for you. Tell us the story, let's share our interest/passion and a corner of life which makes us unique.

Rules as follows:

· Do not comment, vote, react or click “like” on images prior to the winners being announced.

· The photographs must be your own work.

· You may only submit one photo per contest.

· This contest runs for one week. If in doubt, check the dates in the title.

· At the end of the week, The Judge will choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place photo, providing as much feedback as possible.

· If the Judge is unable to complete the selection within 48 hours of the deadline, then last week's 2nd place has to step in. 3rd place takes over should 2nd place be similarly unable to officiate.

· The 1st place Winner will start a new thread with the topic/theme of their choice, and act as the Judge for that contest. (Winner has 48 hours to create a new theme, after that it defers to 2nd place).

· Be sure to update the Contest Master List as soon as you post a new theme.

Here's one to get the creativity flowing...

Backstory - As some of you may have noticed from my previous submission in this thread and the photo of the day thread, I love nature and love a bit of hiking and climbing. A few years ago I was in Scotland during the Christmas period and was driving up to the highlands from Edinburgh. Whoever has driven through the route must have come across this house. Its such a beautiful and serene place. I always feel at home when I see this small cottage. One day I wish to own a cottage like that in Scotland and finally retire in nature. Fingers crossed 🤞


Darmok N Jalad

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Sep 26, 2017
I guess I'll turn one in.

We rescued this toad from a basement window well, with an overnight stay indoors due to the freeze forecasted for the next morning. Once the weather improved, my daughter held him briefly before releasing him back into the wild, and this shot is the toad returning home. Even if we get to see less of the world right now, there is still life all around us to explore and enjoy.


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Jul 17, 2013
Orlando, FL
"Shelter in Place" allows and encourages outdoor exercise with separation. Love the solitude of the now deserted trails as the problem is getting there with travel restricted to non-essential workers to grocery, pharmacy and medical only. Luckily, while technically considered 'essential' as a Realtor, I don't use it, but I am close to the county line and the neighboring county doesn't have the restriction.
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I am


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May 26, 2016
Hello everyone.

Apologies for a little delay in coming back with the result. This time around the number of entries was less but it was challenging to judge nonetheless as always.

@oblomow - Your picture definitely reminds me of a specific weekend in the Lake District where a perfectly fine and sunny day became a nightmare for me. That story is for some other time, but it is a solid picture with the soft light, was it a sunset or a sunrise?

@Strider64 - A nice twist with the LEGOs. Loving it. I need to improve my skills is shooting miniature models. Good one.

@anotherscotsman - I bet that chair is damn comfy. You need a duvet to wrap around and a warm cuppa with it. 😉

@Darmok N Jalad - That's a nice backstory. I am glad that the little champ is safe now. Well done. 👍

@needfx - That sofa definitely looks inviting. That overblown background annoys me a bit though.

@tizeye - That looks like a nice path for a run. Although more than a path it looks like more of a countryside driving road.

@Apple_Glen_UK - Ha ha ha. That made me smile. You're gonna have to work hard to get them removed, or are you planning to keep them as a reminder?

@tcphoto1 - Very colourful and vibrant. Although, I am wondering if it would have been better to take the whole flower.

@mackmgg - Oh nice! 👍 I like that shot. Solid macro. I like the colour consistency. What did you use to take that shot?

As usual, it's hard to judge entries in this forum with so many talented photographers around and by no means, I am someone with the technical knowledge to judge some of you. Having said that, I feel like both technically and the best fit for the theme this time around is the entry from @oblomow .

So here it goes -

  1. @oblomow
  2. @Apple_Glen_UK
  3. @anotherscotsman
Over to you @oblomow 👍🏼
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