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Jul 5, 2014
Alright well, I'm using an iMac with the Bluetooth wireless keyboard (apple). Was working perfectly fine until randomly the delete key stopped working as well as the Quote key which is right beside the enter/return key. Ive tried to do everything possible, Restarting, SMC, New batteries, literally googled searched everywhere. No hope, The amount of struggle to type even this having to use my mouse to highlight and then type over than to hit the delete key!

Heres the funny thing, i put it apart and started using a windows keyboard and randomly after a week or so i tried using my Apple Bluetooth keyboard and it WORKS!! the Delete key works. As usual after a few days, again it just stops working. Then overtime i set it apart and let it rest for a few days and it just starts to work again. like what in the world is going on here? I started using it again after about 2 weeks now, It was working fine for the past day perfectly fine. and suddenly again, its not working anymore.

Definitely doesn't seem to be an issue with the buttons, Not sure what it could be. Please Help :(
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