iPod touch what do most people use there ipod touch for


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Oct 24, 2010

I am thinking about buying the new ipod touch white 8gb.

I have been to the apple store and tried it out. I think it could be useful to browsing the web. So I don't have to boot my notebook. However, what else could it be used for? I am not one for wasting money, so I wouldn't want to buy and then find I never use it.

What do most people use it for?

Many thanks for any suggestions,


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Nov 26, 2011
I use mine for games, facebook, twitter, quick internet surfing, email, some video capturing, but mostly apps.


Mar 17, 2011
I use my iPod touch mainly for apps but also for music, checking e-mail, some web browsing, and photos.


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Sep 15, 2008
What do I use the IPT for? Why just about everything

I got my first ipod (yes, first) just after the 3rd gen came out (64GB). Recently, I have upgraded to the 4th gen. I teach and play guitar and use the ipod for music in lessons.

There's the remote app which is cool. You can play your itunes library and control it with the pod.

I can email with it when on the network.

I use the level app to make sure the pictures I hang are straight.

I can record audio and now video. Weather channel max lets me see how cool it is outside.

I have the Line 2 app that gives me a business line when on wifi or it forwards the call to my cell.

I can send files that I have stored on it with one app and dropbox too.

Loyalty cards for shopping

Vehicle records: mileage and repairs

Timers and alarms

Books AND games.

You name it, this thing does it.


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Feb 11, 2011
I use mines for games when out and about aswell as surfing at home when I can't be bothered with using the laptop. I have an old iBook G3 and HP laptop bought last November and since I bought my iPod Touch in Feb, most of my surfing at home in front of the sofa and bed is done with the iPod Touch.

Unlike some people here, I don't use it for my music as I have an iPod Mini with all my music linked up to the hi-fi and use Spotify on my laptop. When i'm out cycling or in the gym, I use my iPod Shuffle as 250 songs is enough for my needs plus I prefer clipping it onto my shorts pocket than lugging around an expensive iPod (and large) about.


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Feb 22, 2003
New Hampshire, USA

I am thinking about buying the new ipod touch white 8gb.

I have been to the apple store and tried it out. I think it could be useful to browsing the web. So I don't have to boot my notebook. However, what else could it be used for? I am not one for wasting money, so I wouldn't want to buy and then find I never use it.

What do most people use it for?

Many thanks for any suggestions,
If you do get one, get one bigger then 8gb.


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Jul 29, 2008
The Far Horizon
If you do get one, get one bigger then 8gb.
I agree completely. These days, 8GB does not hold much - I'd suggest that you go for a larger capacity.

Re the original question asked by the OP, I have the iTouch (64GB) and, oddly enough, I use it mostly for listening to music, but like the fact that I can do so much more with it. Occasionally, I check stuff online with it, but, in general, I prefer to use a proper keyboard when surfing.



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Nov 16, 2011
.....behind you
i have a 8gb ( i think that is more than enough. u just gotta keep organized) and i use mine for music, videos, youtube, imessage, apps, research, podcasts, recording info, surfing web, and just general recreation.


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Feb 6, 2006
If you do get one, get one bigger then 8gb.
I bought the white 8gb. I found I didn't really need the additional gigs on my previous iPod Touch. Add on iCloud and it is even more of a reason to stick to 8gb.

On a seperate note, I bought my iPod Touch from Amazon for $84. They have a special deal with Audible for a $100 discount.


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Nov 2, 2006
Was really tempted to get in on one of the deals from Black Friday and Cyber Monday but couldn't justify having both the Touch and the 4S. There were some good deals with the Touch this BF weekend too :eek:


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Aug 9, 2010
I have a 32GB 4th gen iPod Touch and I use it as a mobile personal computer. I used the description PDA (personal digital assistant) for a short while when I purchased my 8GB 3rd gen. As the useful apps began stacking up it was clear to me that the iPod Touch was far more useful than any PDA I'd used up to that point. I get data service anywhere through my phone which functions as a WiFi hotspot so it's like having a mini iPhone without the voice radio.

I use my iTouch for the usual PDA stuff: calendar, tasks, notes, contacts, email, and documents. All of this syncs online, most of it to Google, as do my andrid phone & tablet and my netbook & desktop PC's, so that all share the same information locally. I also use it for browsing the net, research, e-book reading, as a media player (photo, video, and music), encrypted personal data storage, calculator, unit conversion, currency exchange rates, travel checklists, check flight times & status, shopping online, making reservations online (food, travel, etc.), IP subnet calculator, basic network tools, reference for just about everything (home & appliance repair, electronics, math, spelling, grammar, thesaurus, dictionary, medical and medication, etc.), facility maps (airports, malls), and a myriad of other useful applications. It's definitely my most used personal computer. I find new things to use it for all the time it seems. Because of its excellent battery life and its very small profile its the ideal device for an every day, full- time mobile personal computer.

I also have a HTC Sensation 4G android phone. I find it every bit as useful as the iTouch with some major hardware and software advantages. I use the Sensation for some specific things: GPS, mapping, navigation, traffic, weather, still & video camera, photo editing, FM radio, complex document editing on the go, video player, voice calls, video calls / chat, and as a WiFi hotspot for my Android tablet, my iTouch, my wifes iPad 2, and my boys iTouch when the power goes out or we're on the road. The phone uses up its battery faster than the iTouch and so I use it mostly for voice calls, camera, and GPS/ mapping / traffic, and try to use the itouch for most everything else.


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Mar 11, 2011
I have a 32 gig I use mine mostly to listen to pandora Iheart and podcasts on my home speakers don't have much of my music on it I use my classic for that I also own an iPad 1 and droid x but I still use the touch pretty much I seem to make good use of all my gadgets


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Sep 7, 2010
Calendar- specifically Week Cal. Much faster data entry than the native app.

Music- music in the office all day

Auto records- Road Trip

Notes, Contacts, books

Suduko, other games

email and web when traveling

dictionary, calculator, alarm, timer

I bought the 4g to replace my palm and a stolen iPod. My biggest complaint is that it is too thin to hold comfortably for any lenght of time. I bought a case just to bulk it up. I like to have all my music and the 64 gig is a little more than half full.

LeighAnna Jones

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Oct 7, 2010
What childish idiot marked down all the comments before them?
Yeah, uh, get a life. I know who you are, thank you.

Moving along, then.

I use my iPod for games mostly, and music. It's also useful for internet browsing but if you want to get a lot of games AND browse the internet get a higher capacity iPod because it will make the internet slow.

I also use mine for photo-shooting, but the camera isn't that great. I've never used facetime, because no one that I enjoy keeping company with has one. I use the notepad too...

Mostly games. But I'm still is HS, so, yeah...
Also too thin for my taste. I got a bulky case to "fatten it up."


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Oct 24, 2009
Belfast, UK
I use mine to ensure I know how to use 'there' and 'their' in the correct manner.

I hear you can use them for music too, though iTunes does it's best to stop that happening. :)


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Aug 29, 2011
I use my iPod Touch 64GB 4th gen, for in no specific order
taking pictures (crappy quality)
listening to music
web browsing
texting (Textnow is free forever :))
Oh the few most crucial reason i use my iPod
notes.app is a life saver, you have no clue how many of my ideas it's let me jot down before forgetting them!
Calander and reminders are ****ing awesome too.

Oh yeah, I forgot Books too.

Who am I kidding? I use it for EVERYTHING!

In fact, I'm almost always on m iPod, and rarely use my PC.

oh, I also got it to test out iOS for an iPhone, and to decide if i wanted a Mac :)
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Oct 5, 2009
Motherwell, Scotland.
I use my 32G ipod 4G to listen to music, play games (mainly) and facetime. I use my iPhone 4S for mail, cal, messages, calls, browsing.

Would strongly recommend the ipod if your thinking about getting an ios device for the first time. I also recommend going for the 32G because 8G simply isn't enough, once the OS is setup you have 6.5G of free space for apps / games / etc
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