What do people know about AppleCare Phone Support structure?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by stoopkitty, Jul 6, 2012.

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    I'm just curious. Today I was on the phone and the first lady couldn't solve my problem, so she had me go to ExpressLane and sign up to have them call me again. Then that lady couldn't help me so she sent me to her higher up. Then after an hour and a half he couldn't help me so he sent my case to the Apple Engineers, who he said will contact me later next week.

    What experiences have other people had?
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    Apple Engineers are almost the last line of defense. If they can't solve it, they most likely ask to look further into the problem in-store or send in the machine.
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    You mean they'll give the Genius a list of things to look for in-store to report back, or ask the machine to be sent to Texas. Apple engineers don't go to retail stores to solve problems. ;)
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    John T

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    I've had some experience in using AppleCare 'phone support. They do eventually solve your problems but obviously the length of time is dependent on the nature of the problem.

    Your experience is par for the course, obviously the majority of queries are fairly simple and basic and only require basic advice. If the symptoms illustrate a more difficult problem, obviously the query is passed to a more qualified person. However, eventually, the situation will be reached when no amount of questioning over the 'phone will bring results and the machine will have to be physically examined and put through diagnostic tests etc.

    What happens next is obviously dependent on where you live. If, like me, you live within easy reach of an Apple Authorised Service Provider, you can take it to them. If you don't there is your local Apple store who will send it to a Service Provider.
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    I have made, literally (strict definition), hundreds of calls to Apple Phone tech support.

    I bought my very first computer (having never used a computer before) about 21/2 years ago. When I first got it, I was on the phone with Apple 10 times a day. More recently, knowing a bit more about my machine, the frequency of my calls has declined precipitously.

    Me experience is that the first line techs, if they do not resolve your problem fairly quickly, will always respond positively if you (politely) request that you be bumped up to a Senior Tech.

    The Senior techs have access to a screen sharing mode (with no control over your computer...they see your screen and can move a mouse pointer on your screen to help direct you). In the hundreds of calls, the Senior techs have not been able to resolve my problem 3 or 4 times. At that point, I take my device to my local Apple Store. I am fortunate to have one 20 minutes away. The problems have always been solved there.

    So, my experience is...spend some time with the first line tech. If after about 30 minutes or so the problem is not resolved, (politely) request being bumped up to a Senior Tech. They will really bust their ass to resolve your problem.

    On the rare occasion they can't fix the issue...then I can just hope that you have an Apple Store or authorized repair shop within striking distance.:D

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