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Apr 12, 2001

In our What to Expect article that we shared yesterday, we covered everything that we're expecting to see from Apple based on current product rumors and historical release data.

New iPhones with 5G, OLED displays, and upgraded 3D triple-lens camera system with significant augmented reality improvements are in the works, Apple is working on updated Macs and iPads, and AirTags, an innovative new accessory for tracking lost devices, is on the horizon.


We could also see a lower-cost HomePod, new over-ear headphones, and there could perhaps be some surprises in store like an augmented reality headset or an ARM-based Mac, but those aren't sure bets for 2020 at this time. There are also some outlandish rumors, like folding iPhones and iPads, plus rumors about the Apple Car, virtual reality headsets, and other far off products continue to circulate.

We want to hear from the MacRumors community. What are you hoping to see Apple release in 2020?

Are there new features you're hoping Apple will bring in iOS 14 or macOS 10.16? New headphones? Updated Mac features? New additions to the iPhone lineup?

Let us know what you want to see in the comments, and make sure to check out our What to Expect article for a look at the current rumors. We'll learn more about Apple's 2020 product plans in the early months of the year, and as always, we'll be covering all Apple rumors in-depth here at MacRumors.

Our MacRumors forums are also a useful resource for discussing upcoming products and rumors, and with so many new products rumored for 2020, our forums are the place to be for discussions on what's coming.

Thank you to all of our readers and our forum members for making MacRumors the number one site for Apple news, rumors, and advice on the web. We wouldn't be here without you, and we look forward to another year of rumors in 2020. Happy New Year!

Article Link: What Do You Want to See From Apple in 2020?
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Jun 5, 2014
I’d like to see something similar to Amazon Echo Dot. Doesn’t need to play music in super great quality, just something to respond to voice commands or read the news/weather that doesn’t cost a fortune. I could put them in rooms that my HomePod can’t quite hear me from.


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1) The company to work better. Catch up faster on mistakes and don't make new mistakes. Make the OSes work beyond expectation. Robust networking on Mac OS. Fix Disk Utility's bugs (my specific pet peeve)!

2) 3D Touch

3) Direct iOS device to hard drive back up solution (corollary: allow user to browse back-up content)

4) User-replaceable, standard format SSDs across all Macs


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Dec 3, 2002
I remember when my Apple products used to “just work”. I want that again. They’re immensely capable and sometimes magical (I wonder what 2010 me would think about TV, HomePod, and Watch) but I feel like they don’t work and integrate as smoothly as they used to, and that’s a software issue.


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Mar 28, 2005
A new small iPhone, eliminating the notch and featuring Touch ID and a headphone jack socket.
A new iPad Pro, similar design but headphone jack and no bending issues.
A halving of the price of the entry-level Mac Pro, or a functionally similar machine at a lower entry price than the current one.

And I know... all unlikely, but it’s what I want to see from Apple, not what I expect to see... ;)


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Oct 17, 2014
Updated (or upgrades for) Mac Cylinder - with fresh graphics cards, Thunderbolt 3 and 10G Ethernet
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Aug 19, 2017
If we're going pie in the sky, why not 14, 16, 18 inch MacBook pros, make the 18" that spurious gaming mac with desktop chips inside like the area 51m. A-series powered MacBook Airs in 13 and 15 inch size options. iPad Pros in 11, 13 and 15 inch. Don't bother with a new macOS version this year, just give Catalina loads of attention to get it sparkling.
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