What program to check temp on external HDDs?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by rawdawg, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Yes.... I have iStat but as far as I know that does not check temp for anything but my internal HDD. I have two USB3 docks and rotate HDDs in them as needed. I just pulled my master drive out and it was almost too hot to touch. I've recently had a HDD die for a different reason but am now being very careful about my hard drives.

    Is there a program to check temperature on external drives?

    I just checked on an OWC external HDD with an enclosure and iStat won't give me the temp there either, so it must not be because I'm using a dock. Do HDDs have thermometers?
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    you have pointed out a flaw in your usb3 chipset. (maybe the hdd or its firmware) istat gives external temps in some chipsets. it will give temps of lacie little big disk drives. it also matters that the drive has a sensor. so your usb3 chipset may be okay and your drive may be the issue. I will tell you what I will go up to my dual mini and post the temps of a lacie lbd holding 2 toshiba ssds.

    I will then ask if you can tell me the exact hdd in the usb3 case. I may have one and i may be able to see if the lacie can pick up a temp from it.

    Thumbnail shows the temps of 2 toshiba ssds in a lacie lbd both under 100f

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    Hi Philipma1957, thanks for your reply and for going through that trouble. I didn't realize the problem could be on my end. You don't have to go through anymore trouble for me. All my drives are 3.5" WD, I have 10 of them, some are 2TB, some 3TB, and a 2.5. Most are Green.

    Does anyone know if they can get a temp read from a WD 3.5" HDD in a dock?

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