What's on your macOS 10.14 wishlist?

Discussion in 'macOS Mojave (10.14)' started by jclo, May 17, 2018.

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    Dec 7, 2012
    What are you hoping to see from Apple in macOS 10.14? We're doing a wishlist series next week, so I'd love to hear what you guys are crossing your fingers for.
  2. chabig, May 17, 2018
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    Sep 6, 2002
    Why bother? You'll probably hear about macOS 14 in June at WWDC. Oh yeah...click bait...I get it.
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    Dec 7, 2012
    That's kind of rude. I'm not interested in producing a clickbait article, and of course we'll hear about macOS 10.14 at WWDC, that's the whole idea behind the wishlist post -- to speculate and guess at what we might see and what we want to see. The idea is to have something fun and interesting to share and talk about as WWDC approaches.

    If anyone has any constructive wishlist ideas, we'd like to hear them :)
  4. chabig macrumors 603

    Sep 6, 2002
    Why not wait until after the event and then report the news? What you ask for isn’t news and it isn’t a rumor. There is no point to random speculation other than for entertainment and click bait.
  5. Glmnet1 macrumors 6502a

    Oct 21, 2017
    I don't know why people are being rude about this, it's clearly mentioned in the title you're looking for wishlists.

    I think it can be a fun discussion so I'll start, I'm hoping to hear more ideas!

    #1 Stability and performance: They mentioned they'd focus on that so that one is realistic and IMO the most important thing in an OS even though I don't have major issues using HS.
    #2 Marzipan: I'm slowly entering the world of iOS and I'd be really happy to use the same apps on my Mac. As a software developer I'd also be tempted to develop one of the first macOS/iOS apps!
    #3 Redesign: I love the current design but the look of the WWDC invitation made me dream. I'd be nice to see a unified iOS/macOS UI using that look.
  6. ButteryScrollin macrumors 6502a

    Jul 29, 2014
    - Apple Music app
    - Apple News App
    - Home app or at least a way to use HomeKit
    - A way to view Health and Activity data on macOS.
    - Bring watchOS complications to macOS as menu bar items.
    - Marzipan thing sounds cool, but conflicting evidence on if it's coming this year.
  7. bmac89 macrumors 65816


    Aug 3, 2014
    Split screen improvement (split screen to work more like iPad):

    * Drag to resize split screen or drag right to edge of screen to dismiss from split screen space (just like the iPad).

    When a split screen app/window is dismissed off the screen it is then placed into another fullscreen space without disrupting your current view.
    Taking this a step further, maybe you could then bring back the previous split screen app by dragging from the left or right side of screen. This would need to be fine tuned to prevent complications with other functions.

    * Ability to initiate split screen (long press green button) and then open a new app in the other side of split screen either from dock, drag and drop, spotlight or launchpad...

    I.e. currently if you initiate split screen but no other apps are available in that space you must cancel, open and then re-inititate split screen.

    * Open an app in split screen from the dock - for example drag and drop or right click/long press > 'open in split view'

    * Replace a split screen space with another by dragging and dropping.

    I.e. Currently you can drag and drop one fullscreen desktop space onto another in mission control, however I suggest taking this a step further and having the ability to replace one side of the split screen space with a new app or window simply by dragging and dropping another space on top or alternatively dragging and dropping a window or an app from the dock etc

    These things aren't top priorities for me, but they are features I have wanted to see since the introduction of split screen on the Mac. I particularly like the idea of dragging a split screen window to the edge of the screen to dismiss.
  8. tarsins macrumors 6502a


    Sep 15, 2009
    Finder needs an overhaul, particularly folder views.
    Home App.
    Bring iMessage up to date with iOS (yeah, I'm 8).
    Finer gesture control by app, e.g I'd like triple-tap in Safari to open the link in a new tab. I know BTT can do this but I've always found that App a bit clunky.
  9. SRLMJ23, May 18, 2018
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    Jul 11, 2008
    New York
    #1. Improving Performance and Stability: Even though High Sierra runs fine on my MacBook Pro. You can always get better performance and stability out of an OS, and fix the issues that plague other users and machines like the iMac Pro fan performance issue!!! I think they can also optimize APFS better, giving all of us with SSD's a little more speed and efficiency. Also with APFS, if they would get the support for Fusion Drives released that would help all those people with Fusion Drives out. I mean come on Apple, it has been long enough! I have a feeling APFS will be officially supported on Fusion Drives with macOS 10.14!

    #2. Homekit Support: Either a dedicated Home app like on iOS, or being able to control everything through Siri on macOS. Preferably both as we all know Siri has some serious issues and to me at least seems even more crippled on macOS. I really think this would make A LOT of users happy.

    #3. Apple Music App: Dedicated Apple Music app. No more integration in iTunes.

    #4. iTunes: Speaking of iTunes, can we finally just get a better version of iTunes? iTunes has been a mess for the past several years. I think the last time iTunes was actually pretty good was with Snow Leopard.

    #5. Health App: Dedicated Health app. (Off topic, but lets get Health App on the iPad as well!)

    #6. Siri Overhaul: I mean this goes across ALL Apple devices obviously, but Siri needs a serious upgrade.

    I really hope that macOS 10.14 turns out to be the new Snow Leopard! That was the last truly amazing across the board Apple Operating System. Lets hope with Apples focus on performance, stability, and getting rid of all the bugs that this release turns out to be the next truly amazing across the board Apple OS.

    @chabig, stop being rude. This site is called MacRumors for a reason! We guess and speculate on tons of issues on this site. If you do not like this thread, then I would imagine you probably do not like most threads on this site and therefor you should stop coming here. Simple as that. No need to have such bad form towards the Mods or anyone on this site for that matter!

  10. flyinmac macrumors 68040


    Sep 2, 2006
    United States
    Primarily, I think refinement and optimization.

    It would be great if we could hit a point of feature freeze until all existing code is refined, bugs and glitches ironed out, and code is optimized to maximize performance of the hardware.

    And a run through the entire operating system from end to end to make sure that all UI details are consistent. If something is in this menu in this screen, then I can expect to find it in the same place on that screen, fonts, styling, everything 100% consistent.

    Extending official support (without users having to perform hacks) to all Macs that are actually capable of running the OS. As in my 2009 iMac 9,1 runs High Sierra very well. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow it to be installed, so we resort to hacks that get around Apple’s roadblocks.

    Making APFS a secondary elective option until it is refined and the glitches are worked out. It still seems to have glitches that crop up. And your file system isn’t where you want glitches.

    That said, I am very happy with High Sierra. But I do feel that refinement should come before new features. And that new features should only arrive once they have been refined.
  11. jclo thread starter Editor


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    Dec 7, 2012
    HomeKit integration for macOS is definitely high on my list. Using a menu bar app for quick access to scenes would be a lot easier than having to reach for my iOS device when I'm at home.

    I guess maybe some kind of Type to Siri feature on Mac would also be useful, but not without some kind of Siri overhaul to make it more useful on Mac. I can count the number of times I've used Siri on Mac on one hand.
  12. dogslobber macrumors 68040


    Oct 19, 2014
    Apple Campus, Cupertino CA
    Is there actually gonna be a 10.14 this year as I don't recall seeing anybody mentioning 10.14 beta sighting in web logs...
  13. ButteryScrollin macrumors 6502a

    Jul 29, 2014
  14. Markoth, May 18, 2018
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    Oct 1, 2015
    Behind You
    Because since @jclo is a staff member, he's been dehumanized in some people's minds, and they feel they can treat him like trash. You see it in the way people treat cashiers when they're unhappy with a purchase, for example. In short: I need a drink.

    Wish list:

    1. Better APFS support. I'd like to see Time Machine make better use of snapshots, which should speed up backups significantly. Fusion Drive APFS support would be nice as well.
    2. Switch the default shell to zsh. I'm not a fan of bash, even though I know bash is basically an industry standard at this point... Meh, zsh is far better, and it really doesn't affect shell scripts since those always specify which shell to use anyway.
    3. Replace Safari with Firefox. I know this one's really "out there", but Safari has been quite unstable for me, and while Firefox has been a CPU and memory hog in the past, it has improved significantly in recent months. Safari has become a pain to use for me, due to various glitches that don't seem to have any resolution.

    I doubt any of these would make the top 10 for "most common wishes", though.
  15. raqball macrumors 68000

    Sep 11, 2016
    The one thing I'd really like to see is the Apple News app make it's way to MacOS and sync read stories to the iPhone app or vice versa...
  16. dogslobber macrumors 68040


    Oct 19, 2014
    Apple Campus, Cupertino CA
    I'm more interested in improvements to the WIMP interface than updates to the apps. If they were to do split screen right by copying Windows 10 then I think that would be smashing. Also under the hood updates are always welcome. Right now, I can't think of any iconic updates that could occur as the feature list for the OS is very mature.
    --- Post Merged, May 18, 2018 ---
    Thank you.
  17. ncrypt macrumors 6502

    May 16, 2012
    • iCloud Time Machine
    • Music, Podcasts, News apps
    • iMessage feature parity
    • New Mac App Store like the iOS version
    • Break down sandboxing restrictions and allow desktop apps to be desktop apps (including for the App Store)
    • Better spaces / fullscreen app management
    • Use APFS features to install updates in the background then switch files over upon restarting (updates would take a simple reboot rather than a reboot + install wait)
    • UI refresh, snooze, and reliability improvements to Mail
    • Group FaceTime calling
    • Visual refresh of System Preferences to be more like iOS with 2 panels and the location of preferences
    • VP9 support in Safari so we can watch YouTube above 1080p/1440p quality
  18. Zarniwoop macrumors 65816

    Aug 12, 2009
    West coast, Finland
    Could the 3D invitation logo point out to a new user interface, readying Mac's for Virtual reality? I'd really like a VR user interface option for macOS.

  19. wildpod macrumors newbie

    Jun 16, 2010
    Can't you do that yourself in preferences?
  20. dontpokebearz macrumors member

    Feb 16, 2018
    I'm not too hopeful for new features this year, like rumors state I'm expecting major bug fixes. Which is a good thing. But I would love to see changes to iTunes and Apple Music. It should not take 30+ seconds to load a playlist when Spotify can do it in 2. Just make a standalone Apple Music app, iTunes can be for purchased libraries.

    Better Siri, plus Homekit support. Why Siri isn't the same across all devices boggles my mind. At the moment, it's a feature I turn off because it's essentially useless.

    UI updates - doesn't need to be a complete reworking, just make things consistent.

    Updates to the stock applications - Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Finder. I don't want to fiddle around with 3rd party programs, sometimes I just want to use stock. (Only because 3rd party apps do not have the same permissions as first party)

    iCloud needs some changing. For one, and I know it won't happen, a name change. iCloud just sounds so unprofessional and weird. Lets get more space, and a better optimized website.

    iMessage - feature parity with iOS.
  21. BarbaricCo macrumors newbie

    May 7, 2012
    1. Nothing that starts with i...
    2. Optimizations (GPU drivers - OpenGL 4.6 & Metal 3)
    3. 32bit compatibility

    And one more thing that relates to Mac.

    Good night :)
  22. Jyby macrumors 6502

    May 31, 2011
    It is hard to think of improvements for macOS...

    -An enhanced Automator app w/ Homekit support
    -64-bit only, kill off some of those old Macs out there
    -Machine learning/computer vision driven duplicate detector in Photos
    -Official Apple support for Nvidia eGPU for machine learning and gaming etc.
    -Band with Google and Microsoft to say goodbye to Flash forever
    -New combined Notes and Reminder app... They should really add features to these apps.
    -New combined FaceTime / Photobooth app... Would be fun to share those affects on FaceTime.
    -Some more native apps to kill off apps like Transmit, Audio Hijacker etc.
    They did it for flux, now its time to compete with more apps and make solid native support across the OS.
  23. Markoth macrumors 6502


    Oct 1, 2015
    Behind You
    Yeah, but I really don't think they should bother including Safari at all anymore. It has become a sort of backward, buggy, slow-updating mess over the years, and really should just be disposed of. They could replace WebKit with Google's Blink, though. That would also fix most of Safari's issues.
  24. JayKay514 macrumors member

    Feb 28, 2014
    I would support splitting iTunes up into separate apps, each with their own integrated Store:

    • TV Shows (purchased / Season Pass)
    • TV Apps like on Apple TV - requires subscription.
    • Movies - Purchase / Rental
    • Apple Music, the Spotify-like streaming subscription service*
    • iTunes Classic, the pure 'rip my CD / import any file / purchased music from iTMS' application
    • Podcasts app
    • Streaming Radio (if that's still supported?) or fold this into Podcasts
    I would want to keep Apple Music separate from iTunes, because well... after using Apple Music for a year I can definitively say its usability is really bad, and having your purchased and rented music mixed up in the same library becomes really problematic should you choose to end your subscription... without completely resetting the app, the songs stick around but every time you accidentally hit one, it pops up the Apple Music subscription dialog. Enormous waste of time and very frustrating.

    Plus new apps:
    • GarageBand DJ - cue up and crossfade songs live, sample, apply effects, beatmatching / warping, loop, etc.
    • GarageBand VJ - Same, but for video + dynamic visualizations, open video processing environment with filters, 3D rendering, chromakey, character generator, MIDI triggers, etc.
    • Something involving Shazam, as Apple has bought them?
    And a separate utility app that moves some functions out of iTunes and puts them into a power-user library editor:
    • Media Library Manager
      • Create multiple Libraries for each media type - can be internal or on external, network drives / SANs
      • Choose to actively space-manage a Library (optimize to Cloud, move to external disk, automatically remove watched Episodes and movies, archive it)
      • Deduplicate files
      • Upgrade/downgrade files to save space or to increase quality
      • Queue media for import
      • Media transcoding
      • Sync libraries between devices + cloud
      • Manage art, tags, descriptions, playback volume, metadata; flag erroneous info synced from Apple
      • Manage special offers from iTMS (for instance, 'complete my album' or 'complete my box set' for stuff you already own).
  25. Internet Enzyme, May 23, 2018
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    Internet Enzyme macrumors 6502a

    Internet Enzyme

    Feb 21, 2016
    Native VP9 support
    Mouse Acceleration controls
    Seamless iCloud music handoff and metadata sync
    iCloud notifications
    Mac App Store redesign
    Native Timer, Stopwatch, and Alarm support
    Hey Siri support
    iTunes redesign
    Granular per-app-basis volume control
    Option to change Finder chevron buttons’ functionality so that they travel a linear direction through the hierarchy
    improved Window management with keyboard shortcuts and snapping
    remote unlocking with iOS devices
    Simultaneous screen recording over multiple monitors
    Granular “iCloud Folder” creation and designation (like the way desktop folder syncing works now, it would just allow you to turn any folder such as “Downloads” into a iCloud syncing folder. This would mainly be nice if one wants to keep a certain file organization and hierarchy between computers without stuffing everything into the ‘iCloud Drive” folder)
    Giving Siri administrator privileges and improved granularity (allowing a command like “quit all applications except safari”
    System wide dark theme
    Aperture joining the pro apps bundle (nothing to do with 10.14, but i want it so i dont care)
    Improved quicktime non-hardware accelerated hevc export
    Option to enable/disable start up chime
    Option to keep Menu bar and dock present on all monitors simultaneously
    More intuitive multi-input device creation in Audio Midi app
    Option to record System audio recording in screen recordings (using hdcp, of course)
    Improved finder search and add more intuitive filtering options
    Finder window type and column size is remembered on a per-folder basis

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