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Dec 16, 2012
3 days ago i did to my iphone 5 clean restor whitout restore from backup.
So after the restor the iphone was like a new evtry thing was working graet.
The Battery working good.
But now in the third time for charging after the Battery rain out to 20% I have charged to 100% I saw again the problem that caused me to do clean restore.

The problem of the battery life fixed.
but i have strange problem: In Settings -> General -> Usage:
roll down the page: "TIME SINCE LAST FULL CHARGE"
In my iphone now the usage and the standby are the same one by one.
It makes no sense that I have used an iPhone today for 16 hours
I am attaching pictures of yesterday before the problem came back and today

I'd really appreciate any help to solve this problem,Thank you & Have a wonderful day


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  • Yesterday usage.jpg
    Yesterday usage.jpg
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Dec 16, 2012
How old is your iPhone? Does your usage consist of charging your phone all the time or only at night?

Do you do quick charges everywhere or one time charge a day?

Hello Thank you for your response, i have iphone 5 one years old.
I am charging my iphone only once a day and i usually charge at night after the battery run out to 20%.

Do you know what is the reason for this problem? and how can i fix it?
Thank you very much,have a nice day :)


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Oct 17, 2011
Sounds like something is running on the phone. Try closing all apps and restarting the phone. See if that resolves it. Beyond that, perhaps try changing some settings, perhaps disabling background update, or location services, or other services similar to that, at least just to see if that might have any effect. Reset all network settings or all settings if none of that works.


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Nov 2, 2013
Staffordshire, UK
I notice you use Waze, which is a brilliant app but can be a battery hog. Do you close Waze down so its in 'sleep' mode or just hit the home button? That could continue running in the background if not put into sleep mode.
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