What's up with MacOS Rumors these days???

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Ouroboros, May 13, 2002.

  1. Ouroboros macrumors member

    Jan 30, 2002
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    Hmm.... I wonder what the deal is with MacOS Rumors these days. They sort of fizzled out. I mean for the past month or two, AFTER things happen, they just kind of do a recap post, sort of to let people know that there's someone manning the helm over there. It looks like all the fire is now over here, along with Thinksecret and SpyMac I guess. Any ideas/thoughts? Do you care at all? Just interested....

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    Ensign Paris

    Nov 4, 2001
    MOSR seems to stop for a while every now and again, I guess they will update before MWNY.

    They often are correct, but I never really understood how that site got so popular (According to there visitor records)

  3. Ouroboros thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 30, 2002
    Oakland, CA
    Yeah it is interesting. My limited knowledge of the rumor sites and history is that they were one of the first. As such, up till recently I visited them for the scoop on a lot of stuff. I find this site to be excellent though, so I've moved on to here. I really appreciate these forums especially! Anyway, thanks to all for the discussion people. :D
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    Jan 9, 2002
    Ha ha haaa!
    I always got a kick out of when they'd say "More news tomorrow, we promise!" and it was already three days after they'd posted it, and no new news. ;) Ahh yeah, we all say we'll stop checking, but we keep coming back... damn them! Heheh.

    Amazing that they actually updated their site today. Woohoo! Especially like the "one more thing" at the end.
  5. arn macrumors god


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    Apr 9, 2001
    history of mac rumors sites

    I can't say I know the entire history... but here's my vague recollection... I hope people can add to it, as they know...

    I remember reading rumors websites back in 1996-7.

    MacOSRumors was the first, as I recall... but it wasn't hosted at http://www.macosrumors.com. This was before the domain name was registered. It was at some random website for a while.... disappeared for a while, and reappeared.... I don't remember when it exactly got the domain name.

    From various comments on other sites, I heard that Meader took it over at some point after the original owner may have gotten into legal trouble (not apple related).

    The next one was MacInsider.... which appeared for a short while... which was rumored to be run by an Apple Authorized dealer... and it was only around for a short while...

    AppleInsider.com, ThinkSecret were next...

    AppleInsider had some real leaks... but slowly tapered off to nothing... especially after the whole Worker Bee incident.

    Macrumors.com appeared in 2/2000.

    SpyMac emerged with the iWalk thing 10/2001.

  6. Ouroboros thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 30, 2002
    Oakland, CA
    :D Yeah it would be damn funny to see them promise in such a heartfelt way things like, "we will be resuming daily updates, starting later today!" -- and then a week or two would go by, and you'd see something small.

    Then there was the whole thing where if you pay them, they'd give you these "member only" updates! Like a premiere subscription! Guess the money wasn't very well spent with that venture... I wasn't aware of that the whole worker bee thing was with AppleInsider, interesting...
  7. mac15 macrumors 68040

    Dec 29, 2001
    Thats was kinda smart of spymac everyone went to the site to watch the iwalk thing at it became popular
    spymacs the bad boy of the rumors circuit
  8. Backtothemac macrumors 601


    Jan 3, 2002
    San Destin Florida
    Well, I don't know if I would call them the Tommy Lee of the Mac rumor circuit. Maybe the Jim Baker :D

    Seriously though, they have had some real leaks as of late. They broke the rumor on the 17 iMac (eMac), and called the PowerBooks dead on. They have good site design, and they are trying. As few of us as there are around (Mac rumor sites) we should encourage them as much s possible.
  9. Taft macrumors 65816


    Jan 31, 2002
    Yeah, I used to go there every once in a while, but then there was all that bad blood and some of their forum members started bashing us (and by 'us' I mean the MacRumors forum members as well as the site). I thought that was just uncalled for.

    From now on I'll just check this site for mac rumors. We get everything eventually.

  10. arn macrumors god


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    Apr 9, 2001
    there was some name calling both ways... but I wouldn't hold it against the site personally...

  11. peterjhill macrumors 65816


    Apr 25, 2002
    Seattle, WA
    Re: history of mac rumors sites

  12. peterjhill macrumors 65816


    Apr 25, 2002
    Seattle, WA
    Let's take the Way-Back Machine

    This is from a google search of comp.sys.mac.digest for vaporware

    It is pretty interesting. Read about the wireless appletalk, in 1993

    Talk about blast from the past

    Murphy Sewall
    From the January 1993 APPLE PULP
    H.U.G.E. Apple Club (E. Hartford) News Letter
    P.O. Box 380027
    East Hartford, CT 06138-0027
    Call the "Bit Bucket" (203) 257-9588
    Permission granted to redistribute with the above citation

    Feature Wars.
    PC prices can't go much lower, so IBM, Compaq, Gateway, NCR, Unisys and
    others are switching to a strategy of adding more features without
    raising prices. Coming soon: low-price systems with integrated graphics
    accelerators, faster processors, and modular upgradeability. Later this
    year, standard features may include sound cards, built-in CD ROM, and
    Ethernet. - PC Week 14 December

    Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.
    Look for a March debut of a battery powered, wireless AppleTalk
    transceiver named Grouper from Digital Ocean, an Overland Park, Kansas
    startup. The $450 wedge-shaped device can be affixed to the bottom of a
    PowerBook and will operate for about three hours. Grouper can be
    recharged with a PowerBook battery recharger. Four separate
    spread-spectrum channels can each communicate with up to fourteen other
    AppleTalk devices within a 250 foot radius. Digital Ocean says the
    signal will even penetrate steel reinforced concrete.
    - Ma

    PowerStation in Your Lap.
    IBM is negotiating with SPARC notebook maker Tadpole Technology to
    develop the first PowerPC notebook computer. The Tadpole model will not
    wait for the energy conserving PowerPC 603. It will be based on the
    initial PowerPC 601 and run IBM's Unix variant, AIX. Introduction is
    envisioned by the first half of 1994. IBM plans to purchase a minority
    interest in Tadpole. - PC Week and InfoWorld 7 December

    PowerPC Acceleration.
    Apple's "A-list" developers have been seeded with NuBus boards
    containing early samples of the PowerPC. Apple's plan is to have a half
    dozen to a dozen native PowerPC applications ready to ship when the
    first PowerMac ships at year's end, but one source reports that two key
    engineers working on Apple's PowerPC development team have been hired
    away by a multimedia developer. Replacing this talent may delay Apple's
    next generation rollout - PC Week 7 December and MacWeek 14 December

    Lexicus of Palo Alto plans to release handwriting recognition software
    for PenPoint and PenWindows computers in March. Lexicus's Longhand uses
    pattern matching algorithms and a 25,000 word dictionary to interpret
    users' cursive and printed handwriting. The program will work with most
    applications running on pen-based hardware. - PC Week 7 December

    Full-Screen, Full-Motion.
    Radius's $3,999 (specially reduced from $4,000) DigitalMedia Studio
    should ship by March. The new product is based on the company's
    VideoVision with the addition of a C-Cube Microsystems video compression
    chip. The DigitalMedia system will deliver 30 frames per second at 640
    by 480 (NTSC) or 768 by 576 (PAL). - MacWeek 14 December

    Faster Vaporware.
    Even though DEC's desktop Alpha operating system (Windows NT) remains
    vaporware (and Microsoft is the company that knows vaporware best),
    manufacturing efficiencies are expected to make it possible to introduce
    a 200 MHz version of the CPU early in the year, six months ahead of the
    original schedule. DEC expects to double the performance of Alpha by
    spring 1994. - PC Week 7 December

    Pentium Specific Applications.
    By the time DEC has an operating system for its Alpha PC, Intel's
    Pentium may be too entrenched in the marketplace to overtake. When the
    Pentium (nee i586) ships (within 90 days), Intel expects software
    developers, including Microsoft, Lotus, and Borland, to be ready with as
    many 25 applications compiled to take advantage of the CPU's superscalar
    design. Initial Pentium CPUs will cost manufacturers $850 each; early
    systems are expected to retail for $5,000 and up.
    - PC Week 23 November and InfoWorld 30 November

    Image Server.
    Apple's Enterprise Systems Division is working on a Multimedia server
    that will use intelligent agents to retrieve graphics and text based on
    relatively unstructured user descriptions. The product is not expected
    to ship before the end of the year at the earliest. Radius's Macless
    image server probably will beat Apple's to the market. Radius's SCSI 2
    compatible four NuBus slot box will contain a digital signal processor
    and one or more Radius Rockets. The box won't require a Mac to run
    because Radius has licensed enough of Apple's ROM code to market a
    server that doesn't require a Macintosh.
    - MacWeek 23 November and 7 December

    Visual C++.
    Microsoft's C 8.0, which will be marketed as Visual C++, should go beta
    this month. The completely rewritten version with an integrated
    development environment is optimized for both code size and speed under
    Windows. - InfoWorld 30 November

    Wowing Them at MacWorld.
    Fractal Design's Painter 2.0, a program that lets computer users
    simulate oil paint, pastels, and water colors on a variety of canvases
    and papers, will ship for the Macintosh at January's MacWorld and for
    Windows in February. The upgrade for owners of the first versions of
    the $399 package will be $79, and upgrades will be free for users who
    purchased after November 1. Silicon Beach will be showing SuperPaint
    3.5 at MacWorld as well. - InfoWorld 7 and 14 December

    Accelerated Windows Printing.
    Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard will ship a graphics devices interface
    (GDI) cartridge for LaserJet printers during the first quarter. The
    Windows Printing System will require a megabyte or RAM and be priced in
    the "low hundreds of dollars." The initial version will not support the
    recently released LaserJet IV printers. - InfoWorld 30 November

    Falling Color Printing Prices.
    Tektronix's new 300 dots per inch thermal wax color printers will ship
    this month starting at a lists price of $3,695. The Phaser 200e with
    PostScript Level 2 and HP-GL page description has 17 fonts in ROM and
    prints two pages a minute. Parallel, serial, and AppleTalk are
    standard, TCP/IP and DECnet interfaces are optional.
    - InfoWorld 14 December

    New Apple Printers.
    Three new printers for the Macintosh will be introduced at MacWorld.
    The LaserWriter Pro ($2,399 and $2,999) uses the same technology as HP's
    LaserJet IV. The Apple Color Printer (around $2,600) is based on
    Canon's BJP-C80 bubble-jet printing engine and has a 360 dots per inch
    resolution. The Apple Color Printer has no processor or internal RAM
    and no AppleTalk interface--networking will be handled by a software
    spooler, Grayshare, that will be bundled with the printer. The two page
    per minute StyleWriter II will have the same price as its slower
    predecessor. - MacWeek 23 November and InfoWorld 30 November

    SuperMac Technologies will introduce 17 and 20 inch sizes of its
    SmartTouch monitors at MacWorld. At $3,000 to $5,000, the monitors are
    seen as ideal for kiosk applications rather than for desktops.
    - InfoWorld 14 December

    Energy Savers.
    IBM demonstrated an energy efficient desktop computer with a recyclable
    case at last November's Comdex. The 25/50 MHz 486SLC2 prototype
    requires only 50 watts in active mode and a scant 16 watts in sleep
    mode. Electricity costs could be a low as one-tenth that of current
    desktop computers. IBM expects to begin shipping the Energy Desktop
    within a few weeks. The CPU is only 12 by 12 by 2.5 inches and can be
    wall mounted. The prototype had an active matrix flat panel color
    display. - PC Week and InfoWorld 23 November

    20 Hour Notebook Battery.
    Early this year, AER Energy Resources will offer a six pound external
    battery for Apple's PowerBook line. Fully charged, the $649 zinc-air
    battery should keep the Macintosh notebooks running for slightly more
    than 20 hours of typical use. - MacWeek 23 November

    More Hobbit RISC Systems.
    NEC and Toshiba have both promised to develop pen-based systems using
    AT&T's Hobbit RISC processor (see last August and December columns).
    NEC will serve as a second manufacturing source for the processor and
    Word Perfect has announced plans to write applications for the devices.
    - PC Week 23 November

    Developer Raiding.
    Microsoft hopes to attract as many as 500 developers to this month's
    Microsoft Windows Programming Conference for Macintosh Developers.
    Microsoft is readying a Windows-based development tool code-named Altar
    that designs programs to run in both Windows and Macintosh environments.
    Altar will compete with Apple and Symantec's Bedrock (see last August's
    column). - PC Week 23 November

    /s Murph Sewall <Sewall@UConnVM.UConn.Edu>
  13. Royal Pineapple macrumors 65816

    Royal Pineapple

    mac os rumors has been arround for a while

    my father has had Mac Os rumors bookmaked for as long as i can remember, i always thought he was weird visiting it about every week. but now i visit here multipul times a day and ive been registered for about a week, but ive been an avid visitor for a cupple of months. i love this site
  14. Hemingray macrumors 68030


    Jan 9, 2002
    Ha ha haaa!
    Re: mac os rumors has been arround for a while

    Are you talking about MacOSRumors (MOSR) or MacRumors (this site)? They're two separate sites... MOSR is the one that rarely gets updated. :p (But we love it all the same, right guys?)

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