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Apr 12, 2001

WhatsApp for iOS received an update today, bringing some additional improvements to the messaging platform.

For the first time, users can now tap "send" on messages when they don't have a connection, and the messages will be sent when a data connection is re-established. Multiple messages can be queued up in the offline mode, so users are free to carry on their side of a conversation until connection resumes.

The old storage screen (left); with new management options (right)

Elsewhere, WhatsApp developers have redesigned the storage usage screen, which now lets users manage their phone's storage space by deleting selected message types, such as videos, from specific chat threads. The storage screen options can be accessed by going to Settings -> Data and Storage Usage -> Storage Usage and tapping "Clear Chat".

Lastly, the v2.17.1 update enables users to send up to 30 photos or videos at once.

WhatsApp is a free download on the App Store for iPhone. [Direct Link]

Article Link: WhatsApp 2.17.1 Ups Bulk Media Message Limit, Adds Offline Message Queueing and Storage Management


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Aug 31, 2010
Now I want the option to delete every photo/file/link that was send to you from all the chats (I want to keep the chats, they take up almost no space).


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Apr 8, 2010
the Netherlands
Lastly, the v2.17.1 update enables users to send up to 30 photos or videos at once.

Finally but still wonder though if the 30 is a limit on WhatsApps end or if it's an iOS limitation?
I have always (April 2015) wondered (November 2016) about this strange limitation in various apps which still exists today.
At least WhatsApp now finally changed it from 10 to 30.

* Apple Mail app, Gmail, Spark, Airmail, Telegram, Messenger - 40+ photos
* Facebook - maximum 30
* Email by Easylido - maximum 20
* WhatsApp - maximum 30 (since 23-1-2017, was previously 10)
* Google Drive - maximum 10
* Dropbox - maximum 1 - solution is using Workflow though with this

The offline messaging took way too long to be added.

It's Facebook/WhatsApp your are talking about here. They are always late with these things if you compare it with e.g. competitors such as Telegram.


Sep 22, 2012
Still no Apple Watch app, no way to clear the complete cache, no way to send uncompressed photos with Metadata and still owned by Facebook :(

Please, Apple, iMessage for Android!


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Feb 24, 2009
London, UK
Still can't believe there is no option to create polls in WhatsApp group conversations, they should be adding that feature and buying/integrating Doodle!
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