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Which iPhone series did you skip?

  • Original (2G)

    Votes: 46 40.0%
  • 3G/3GS

    Votes: 25 21.7%
  • 4/4s

    Votes: 15 13.0%
  • 5/5S/5C

    Votes: 16 13.9%
  • 6/6+/6S/6S+

    Votes: 17 14.8%
  • SE

    Votes: 70 60.9%
  • 7/7+

    Votes: 56 48.7%
  • 8/8+

    Votes: 73 63.5%
  • X/XS/XS+

    Votes: 32 27.8%

  • Total voters


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Original poster
Dec 22, 2016
The original (2G)wasn't available in my country iirc, & I had my own phone/MP3 player at the time - Siemens SX1...what a fun/irritating device that was. :D

My plan was to not upgrade every year, so after buying the 3GS (outright), the 4/4S were never in the equation, besides, I couldn't really afford to upgrade every year at the time.

SE wasn't my size - had the 5 before it & wanted to go bigger, so the 6S became my next purchase.

The 7 series was a dead series for me, for two reasons - not enough of an upgrade over the 6S & also, I knew the X was coming the following year - yet another screen size boost I was eager for.

The 8 series was never in contention...all about the X last year.

So all up, i've bought into 4 series of iPhones, skipping others mainly due to not enough of a technological reason to upgrade (for my needs), with financial reasons a distant second.


Oct 3, 2014
Surf Sand and Sun
2G - I was using the Blackjack at the time
SE - Never felt the need for one
X... - Have not seen the benefit for the cost.

Using a Razer (prior phone was a 7+) for personal and an 8+ for work. At this point, I may not be returning to iOS. I am having far fewer issues with Android at the moment AND the cost is a better fit.


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Oct 18, 2011
2G - Since it was the very first generation of the iPhone and was very limited of what you can do with it.
5/5S - At the time I had the 4S and to find it was only taller, was very disappointed. Went with Galaxy S4 and S5 at this time and once Apple announced 6/6 Plus, came back to the iPhone side and got the 6 Plus and always gotten the Plus models.

Now that I found the perfect XS Max, I will see what Apple will bring next generation and decide from there.


Oct 23, 2016
I kept my 7 Plus and skipped the 8 Plus and the X because I knew they were bound to make a better and larger X the following year, and sure enough they did! Love my XS Max!


Nov 20, 2008
2G - wasn't a proven product
3GS - bought a 3G late in the cycle
4 - was leaving Japan six months after release so no point buying
5S - 5 was fine, and no carrier upgrade available
6S - 6 was fine, and no carrier upgrade available
7 - bought an SE instead
X - bought an 8 instead
Xs - 8 is still fine


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Oct 20, 2014
7 and 8.

6S+ was good enough and 7 wasn’t much new except for the black colors. Whoopy.

X was over 8/8+.

XS Max will last me a few years. Can’t see them doing much else at this point.
I can see them bringing back the square-shaped phone edges in 2020.. They are on a 3 year same body iteration it seems..


macrumors 6502a
Sep 20, 2017
Edinburgh, Scotland
I've skipped 7/8 and X/XS because 7/8 too similar to 6S and X/XS not better enough to justify the price tag

Also I like the headphone jack.

Will probably buy a second hand X in a year or so, maybe.


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Sep 29, 2009
The iPhones I didn't buy: original, 3G, 5c, the smaller version of 6/7/XS, and all the SE/8.


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Apr 19, 2011
The X, because of the price, and I was skeptical of the no home button paradigm (I preordered my 8 for launch day). Will probably upgrade to the successor to the XS when it comes out next year. The 7 because my 6S was on a 2-year contract. I've owned most all of them, though, and still have my 4 (running iOS 5), my 3G (running 3.1.3), the 2G (3.1.3) and the 5S and 6S. Great phones. I can't imagine ever switching to Android though- I value design, reliability, and security/OS updates way too much for that...

macrumors G4
May 26, 2016
Original - because it was too limited while I was having fun with Nokia N95.

5 - because I didn’t think it was big enough upgrade over my 4S at that point.

5C - never wanted a plasticky colourful device with older gen internals. Bought the 5S instead.

6S, 7 - my 6 was good enough for day to day stuff and I’m not a mobile gamer.

X - didn’t want to be an early adopter of a phone packed with completely new technologies. Bought an 8 plus instead.

Phil A.

Staff member
Apr 2, 2006
Shropshire, UK
I had every single iPhone model up to and including the SE, but then Apple started making changes I didn't like (headphone jack, notch and insane prices) and I have had no desire to buy an iPhone since.

I've still got my SE and it's still a great phone but my daily driver is now a Note9 and I've been mainly an android phone user for the last 2 years.
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Oct 25, 2008
Everything after 4 and before XS. iOS 7 crippled my iPhone 4 and Android manufacturers were making better things at the time so I went that route for many years. I especially hated the 6/7/8 series because the design was dated even on release with its huge bezels and low RAM. It took both Apple fixing my main iOS annoyances and for the hardware to get better to bring me back. I considered the X several times but am glad I got the XS. Still not happy about the pricing but the phone is great.


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Nov 23, 2017
I have gone 4 -> 4S -> 5 -> 5C (beautiful phone) -> 6 -> 7

So skipped all the ones that aren’t those.

The 7 is so good that I feel the upgrade to the newer iPhones is diminishing returns, especially as they are all so big.

Hoping there’s gonna be an XR mini in 2019 with those sick colours


Jun 22, 2007
2G: Skipped the original because it was $500 WITH contract, which is a bit absurd. For my iPhone OS fix, I bought the iPod Touch instead.
3G: Skipped because it couldn't record video.
4S: Had same 512MB of RAM as the 4, so didn't feel the need to upgrade
5S, 6: Had the same 1GB of RAM as the 5, so didn't feel the need to upgrade
SE: already got the 6S, so didn't feel to get another iPhone with the same hardware
7/8: Had the same 2GB of RAM as my current 6S, so didn't feel the need to upgrade. Didn't want the Plus sized models.
X/XS/XSmax: Considering my 6S still runs great (even better with iOS12), I don't feel the rush to upgrade.

I planned to upgrade to the XR, but now that my 6S got rejuvenated with iOS12 and a new battery, I don't feel any push to upgrade anymore. The 6S is just an awesome phone, with battery being only its weakness (I already replaced mine twice). Hopefully this 3rd replacement can keep it running a bit longer.
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Aug 29, 2009
I've only ever owned a 3G and a 4. Thought I might get a new phone this year, but Apple refuses to build SE-sized phones now. So I guess I'll stick with my 4 until it implodes or something.
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Sep 5, 2017
Had a iPhone 4s,5 skipped the whole 6 generation 7 then the x. After spending a lot of money on android devices Moto x, s6, nexus 5x , s9 I have learnt I prefer iOS and will be staying on iPhones for the future.
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