Which mini and upgrades to get with $1000 to spend

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by cibby, Jul 26, 2011.

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    I'm trying to figure out the best mini to buy for $1000 total, well make that $1100. The mini will replace my 2007 MBP 2.4GHz connected to an HP 24" display. I use it mainly for media listening/viewing, torrents, surfing, as well as Lightroom, Photoshop, and likely some video editing. Photography is a growing hobby and I'm learning more about post processing, so I can see starting to try more complex adjustments in PS.

    In all cases below I'll upgrade to 8gb of RAM.

    1) Server - as is, run the dual drives at Raid 0 ($1100)
    2) AMD model - add/replace the HDDs with a 7200 drive ($900-1000)
    3) Base - add second 256GB SSD for OS (assuming OWC or someone figures that out, $1100)

    I have a bias towards SSD drives seeing the snappy Air. I could get the AMD or server models with SSD but the cost starts getting up there. Ultimately I want the best overall experience on a "budget". My own thinking is it's between the server and base/ssd. Will the base/ssd feel more snappy most of the time vs the faster server and its quad cores when doing heavier tasks?

    I'd welcome any feedback/suggestions.

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    1)see server info above

    I tested the 2.3 with a big ssd and 8gb it would do most of what you want.

    If you are willing to wait I am testing the 2.3 with a 1tb 5400 rpm hdd and the 2.5 with a 256gb ssd and the 2.7 with a 256gb ssd.

    My guess for you is the 2.5 799 amd model put in 8gb ram get it at amazon for 769 if usa and make do until a t-bolt comes out then add on the t-bolt with an ssd.

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