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Sep 2, 2015
So I am taking advantage of a crazy Sprint promotion for existing customers it’s a Free Unlimited 50GB of Data Plan at $0 cost only catch is you need to BYOD and be an existing customer.

With that said. I have purchased both a 16GB White/ Silver iPhone 6s Plus $200 bucks Refurbished and a iPhone 8 Plus 64GB White Silver $300 Refurbished.

Which should I keep ? And why. They both perform identically in day to day tasks. I really like to rugged no glass back feel of the 6s Plus and the Clicky physical Home Button is legendary.


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Nov 11, 2010
8 plus, at least you're able to keep it updated, ( if nothing else), but it's a better phone anyhow.


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Jun 16, 2018
I think you got ripped off if you paid $200 for a refurbished 5 year old 16GB phone. I've seen them brand new with more storage for less. I've also seen brand new 8 pluses with 128 gb storage for $300. To be honest, these aren't bargains but you should obviously keep the 8.
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Oct 17, 2015
IPhone 6s Plus is still a solid phone, but 16gb is a pitiful amount of storage. Out of the 2 get rid of the 6s plus if you have to. 8 Plus is a more refined phone in every way apart from the lack of headphone jack.


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Sep 22, 2015
Washington, DC
I would choose the 8 Plus. The X Plus is faster and will continue to reactive iOS updates far longer than the 6S Plus. Plus the 8 Plus have more storage than 6S Plus.


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Sep 23, 2014
Maybe its a no brainer or click baits but to be honest I was really happy to find out my 6s will be supported for another year. Its a 16GB I don't use the camera a lot and when I do I download my pics and video to the Mac laptop anyway. I have a modest 26 Apps on the phone and using 12GB of the 16GB. It is very usable for me not unusable at all but then I am maybe a niche market.

Oh and I do know a lot about Tech I just choose what I buy to suit my needs.


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Mar 20, 2003
Bay Area
I guess I’d go with the one that has 4x the storage, much improved camera, telephoto lens, better battery life, a processor that’s 2 gen newer, 50% more RAM, water resistance, wireless charging, and fast charging.

but hey, the other one has a clicky physical home button, so close call.
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Nov 25, 2005
The iPhone 8 is obviously the better phone. If the phone that you keep is used _just_ as a phone (not a lot of music, photos, or apps on it) then you might keep the 6s+ because selling the 8+ will get you more money. If the phone is properly used by someone, keep the 8+. I also assume it is newer, and therefore will last you longer. Which is of course exactly why it will catch more money on eBay.

Or look at it the other way round: If you had neither phone, and you were going to buy one on eBay, which one would you buy? Keep the one that you would buy. If you wouldn't buy any phone, sell them both.
Why wouldn't you choose the newer phone?
Because it will fetch more money if you sell one of the phones on eBay.


Jul 12, 2016
Because it will fetch more money if you sell one of the phones on eBay.

Not really, eBay is saturated with hundreds, if not thousands of those phones available.. As a matter fact, you actually a higher potential for fraud selling an iPhone on eBay. Your best bet, is to sell locally on outlets like marketplace or any third-party local apps for your specific reason.


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Jun 18, 2020
I would say iPhone 8 Plus, simply because it is definitely the better version of the two. On top of that, the 8 Plus has 64GB over the 16GB 6s Plus, which is not going to be enough for extended use of the device. I understand that the home button and the overall feel of 6S Plus attracts you the most; but, since you are looking to keep only one of the two, my recommendation would be the 8 Plus.
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