iPhone X Which Wallpaper for iPhone X?


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Apr 26, 2015
So....I'm confused on whether to use the new apple wall papers or use one with a black background which hides the notch. What does everybody else think? Please post a picture of the one you are using.



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Jun 13, 2008
What’s the deal with the Live Walpapers? I have to 3D Touch to use them, and they only work on the Lock Screen?
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Oct 16, 2017
With OLED, once you go black... ;)

Save battery. Keep it static. I did that live wallpaper nonsense year ago on my Nexus One and the novelty wears off. Just eats up battery life slowly and RAM.

I actually like the wallpapers the X had with the polka dots bubbles or whatever like the one pictured in this thread. I like red but then think about chicken pox and pimples...

If I had it, I would go multi-colored polka dot bubbles for awhile before it gets boring or plain black like the old iPhone 2G when we couldn't change our homescreen wallpaper until iOS4.

I use ZEDGE to find wallpapers. It appeared on Android first but was happy when iOS has it. I also have apps for 3D parallax wallpapers. A novelty...

Just going to use the wallpaper I have on my SE. Nearly black but with a hint of green, blue, and yellow on top and bottom. Very subtle and isn't distracting.


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Aug 16, 2007
I use the all black one. Saves a tiny bit of battery life being OLED it doesn’t need to light those areas. Also makes it match the Watch Style more.