White Macbook Backlight Issue

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    I recently purchased a MacBook and the seller claimed the "Backlight is dead" after getting it I tuned it on, the backlight flashed for half a second after the chime and turned off. The Macbook works and boots to Mavericks. If I put my phones flashlight up to the screen I can just see what is on the display, if i hold F1 and turn the brightness all the way down, then press F2 and turn it up the backlight will either flash on quickly, or stay on for 1-10 minutes. When it turns off I can repeat until the backlight stays on.

    What kind of an issue might this be?

    I don't have a mini-DVI adaptor to connect it to a monitor.

    Specs: http://www.everymac.com/systems/app...duo-2.0-white-13-early-2009-nvidia-specs.html
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