why is apple so quiet about the ipad


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Jun 11, 2007
Silicon Valley
They had huge hype leading up to the official announcement, and huge coverage after the announcement. Certainly things may be fading from the high, but no point in Apple playing more marketing/hype cards until they really need to. They'll get another "free" blast from the media next month at release. Maximize your efforts. Ride the current wave as long as possible. [Insert lots of other metaphors here].


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Feb 5, 2009
Does anyone have any idea why they are not talking about the ipad?
What would you like them to say?

The entire industry, publishers, developers, consumers have been talking about it.

Apple has a great product. It speaks for itself.


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Jan 7, 2010
Well, No official release date, no TV ads, no insight on software ( why is there stuff missing on it compared to iPhone or iPod Touch), Etc......
That can all wait until the day when people actually can buy one. These kinds of marketing messages are much more effective when they're delivered all at once, instead of in dribs and drabs. It's much better to pique interest when people can actually open their checkbook.

They did the launch event because they had to make the iPad public anyway for a variety of practical and logistical reasons. But, I doubt we'll see much promotion until the iPads are shipping.


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Sep 8, 2005
I'm sure if they said or did anything more before the ipad was available to purchase it would seem like overkill.

The funny thing is people claiming that apple has overhyped it.

Vesuvio Cat

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Jan 30, 2010
Possibly to the 5.7Billion people who don't live in the US and aren't ignorant.

It's one thing to be politically correct, it's another thing to be annoying. This is annoying. By the way, I don't think many of those 5.7 billion people are going to have the resources or desire to buy an iPad. How many do you think they will be able to sell in Papa New Guinea?