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Nov 29, 2018
So I've been having this odd problem ever since i moved into student housing. In the beginning it was only mildly irritating so I ignored it; but it has since become much worse.

Basically, we have no wifi router, so instead, everyone has to bring their own ethernet cable. I bought such a cable and intended to give my devices wifi via wifi sharing. It worked more or less well in the beginning, but it would always take some time for my macbook pro (2018) to pass on the wifi and my iPhone to recognise it. I sometimes had to play around with the channels until my phone recognised a wifi network by the name I had given it.

Now, however, my phone just does not recognise the wifi network at all. Every now and then, after staring at the wifi selection page in settings on my iPhone, my shared wifi network pops up for a few seconds. I try to connect and then get the message that either I have typed the incorrect password, or that I am simply unable to connect to the network.

Playing around with the channels no longer works.
I have tried to set up wifi sharing as a new network. I have tried forgetting the wifi network on my iPhone (worked a few times in the beginning). I have also tried disconnecting the ethernet cable multiple times on multiple occasions. Internet works wonderfully on my macbook -- I can watch youtube, post here, do research for papers, etc.

I haven't done an update on my phone for some time, especially since that rumour went around that the new iOS was supposed to compromise battery life... maybe that could be the problem?

Wifi everywhere else works well on my phone, except when I share the ethernet network via my macbook to my phone. It would be great if anyone had any suggestions -- I would be very thankful!

(macbook pro, 2018, macOS Mojave 10.14.2)
(iPhone 8 plus, 12.0.1)
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