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iphone 8 plus

  1. westislander

    Whatsapp notification not working on iPhone 8 Plus

    Hi everyone, Is anyone's iPhone 8 Plus or newer not getting WhatsApp notifications? I'm getting the messages and seeing the notification badge on my WhatsApp icon but I'm just not getting notifications on the lock screen, the notification center or in the banner. This started happening as soon...
  2. L

    Updating from iOS 11. Should I?

    Hello everyone! Please, I need your advice! What should I do? In short, I have iPhone 8 Plus, 64gb, for a long time now, and it still runs iOS 11.0 (!.. yes, I know. It is what it is) from the box. Should I upgrade it still? I love this phone and am not planning to get a new one for now or in...
  3. E

    iOS15 on iPhone 8 Plus

    I'm still on iOS14.8 and wondering should i upgrade to iOS15. Any iPhone 8 Plus users did a clean install for iOS15? Any feedback on the performance/battery life? Thank you.
  4. B

    iPhone 8(+) Apple Damaged Phone During Repair

    Hi. I had an iPhone 8 plus is great condition. I took it in for a battery repair and they told me to wait an hour. I went back and they told me that during the repair the Wi-Fi module was damaged but they were not sure if it was their error or if it was broken when I dropped it off. They gave me...
  5. Marinier

    iPhone 8 Plus huge battery drain on iOS 14.8 (vs iOS 14.4)

    This post aims to keep from mistakes those who has iPhone 8 Plus on iOS 14.4 (like I have recently been). I am a happy owner of iPhone 8 Plus (256 GB) since October 2018 and it performed fantastic on every iOS including iOS 14.4. Issues emerged after I updated it to iOS 14.8 two days ago. Now I...
  6. K

    No wifi no Bluetooth since ios14

    So I’d love to know what other people think of this situation. i have an iPhone 8 Plus which is in perfect condition. Basically from the moment ios14 was installed I’ve had no wifi or Bluetooth, now I’ve done the usual things such as update to latest. Reset network settings. I have also gone...
  7. A

    iPhone 8(+) Iphone 8 Plus battery performance on IOS 13

    After watching this video: I find it unbelievable that the Iphone 8 Plus (with a higher battery health percentage) now performs worse than the Iphone X. When the Iphone 8 Plus first launched along with the X a lot of sites claimed that the Iphone 8 Plus had a better battery life than the...
  8. M

    iPhone iPhone 8 Plus won't stop asking for password!

    I upgraded to iOS 13 on my iPhone 8 plus about a week ago. It kept asking for a password over and over again. I updated to 13.1... same thing! I tried changing my iClous password and going through Settings, but no solution. Sorry in advance if there is already a thread for this. Thanks! Mindy
  9. phillytim

    iPhone 8(+) Why would you still choose an iPhone 8/Plus post-event today?

    I'm in the game for a new phone, and considering the iPhone 8 Plus - even though it becomes the bargain-basement phone today; for several reasons: - For me to put out $1000+ for a phone, I want to plan on keeping it for several years - I really want to wait for a 5G iPhone - Most likely, I'll...
  10. brgjoe

    Carrier Sprint USA users, need some help/advice (iPhone 8+)

    I am using Sprint. Recently picked up a newer iPhone 8 Plus. It is Sim free/unlocked. In order to activate it with Sprint, once my newer iPhone set up, can I move my Sim Card from my older iPhone 8 plus and then have Sprint activate the newer iPhone 8 plus via the web? Or can I even use my...
  11. Sellatease

    Help should I buy Iphone 7 plus or go for Iphone 8 plus

    I am a bit confused on the iphone to purchase. I wanted to go for the used Iphone 8 plus and I discovered that it has the same design with the iphone 7 plus. I then wanted to settle for the iphone 7 because I am on a low budget and I also went through all the specifications and I found out that...
  12. 6

    iPhone Alternate O.S.'s

    Hey All: Ok, I've had 2 iPhones now and am sick of apple and it's heavy handed, jack-booted approach. I think this 8+ phone is a damn good phone, just don't care for the O.S. (12.3.2) and all it's restrictions and privacy breaches.. I don't like being "tethered"(forced) to iTunes and the...
  13. macmahon70

    iPhone 8(+) Iphone 8 + 256 or Iphone XR 64Gb?

    Hello, The Ihone 8 Plus 256Gb is now sold at 749€ at a local store nearby where I live. I am hesitating with Iphone XR 64Gb. Which one takes better pictures? Which one has the best GPS chip? PS: Could the Iphone 7 plus be also an option for cheaper? Thank you! Olivier
  14. LillaK

    Resolved All photos duplicated

    Hi all, A few hours ago, I had about 6000 items (photos+videos) in the IPhone library. (I tried to delete 3 photos, which was unsuccessful, because it’s a common glitch I find when my storage is low.) I opened it again in 30 mins, and saw that every single item had been duplicated + plus some...
  15. L

    wifi sharing not working -- iPhone does not recognise shared wifi

    So I've been having this odd problem ever since i moved into student housing. In the beginning it was only mildly irritating so I ignored it; but it has since become much worse. Basically, we have no wifi router, so instead, everyone has to bring their own ethernet cable. I bought such a cable...
  16. P

    iPhone 8(+) Is the Belief that there will Probably not be a new iPhone until September?

    Just wondering, because the iPhone 8 came out almost two years ago and the iPhone 8 Product Red came out last year in the Spring (I think it did). I notice there was not a new phone with the traditional iPhone design last year. Could it be possible that they are releasing those phones in the...
  17. To_Batistone

    iPhone 8 Plus front facing camera doesn’t focus

    I just recently bought an iPhone 8 Plus and I’m dealing with this annoying issue, where the front facing camera does not focus on close objects. It doesn’t even focus on anything, it just changes exposure. I came from an iPhone 5c and I used to take close up pictures but on the 8 Plus it just...
  18. T

    FaceTime Front Camera Graphics Issue on iPhone 8 Plus

    Recently, my iPhone 8 Plus has been experiencing a graphics issue with the front camera while using FaceTime. During a video call, the front camera returns a distorted purple / pink static-like image for several seconds before returning to normal function. The issue occurs during longer...
  19. T

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 Plus question

    I am getting conflicting info on using my iPhone 8 Plus I purchased from AT&T on Verizon. The model number i have is A1897. I have heard this model does not have all the bands used on Verizon even if it is unlocked. Do I need to sell this phone and buy a Verizon model or Apple unlocked model...
  20. brgjoe

    iPhone 8 plus colored front and clear back cases?

    I am looking for a case for my Product Red iPhone 8 Plus. Looking for something that will cover the top and bottom "chins" of it, to offset some of the sea of black on the front of it. A front design that I can swap out of I want to change out the color. Am looking for red at the moment, but...