OS X Wild Terra - multiplayer life simulator in a fully player-driven medieval world

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    Aug 18, 2015
    Wild Terra

    Wild Terra Online is a massively multiplayer life simulator in a fully player-driven medieval world.
    Here everyone will find an occupation that appeals to one’s soul: world exploration, hunting, crafting, home decorating, fights and castle sieges.
    Start as a survivor - become a medieval king!

    Core features:
    • Huge and open for exploration realistic medieval world of Europe in 10th century.

    • The world is created and driven by players. There are no pre-built castles, NPCs, and quests in the game. Only players themselves can build roads, cut down forests, found new towns … shape the server as they want!

    • Possibility of building whatever you want wherever you want. It doesn’t matter weather it’s a campfire for one night or an entire castle!

    • Deep craft system with different fields to indulge in: agriculture, animal husbandry, cooking, viewing, smithing. There are a lot of resources to gather and recipes to learn

    • Free and fully player-driven economy. Everyone can benefit from oneself’s skills and trading. Crafting system, manufacturing and uneven spreading of resources around the map will force players to cooperate and deal with each other to prosper.

    • Success in PvP depends on tactics and player’s skill. Wise usage of advantages of the area and one’s equipment are the keys to winning fights. High levels and upgraded equipment don’t mean a fully guaranteed win.

    • There are servers for hardcore survival with full loot drop on death, building destructions, and PvP, as well as quiet servers for those who prefer calm atmosphere and non-PvP content of the game.
    Each patch adds to the game new content that extends basic gameplay and makes it more vivid and more varied. Due to the help of our community Wild Terra has been translated into 7 languages (English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Polish, and Vietnamese). The release is planned on the first quarter of 2016, but you can purchase Early Access and start to play right now!
    Official project’s website: http://www.playwildterra.com/

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    The Misty Mountains
    Subscription? In game purchases? I'd be comparing this to ARK which offers both server and solo play. And not to sound mean, but visually there is no comparison, the graphics in this look 1990ish.
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    Aug 18, 2015
    It's not subscription, it's buy-to-play. And every two weeks, we open the free tests, where everyone can try out the game before buying
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    May 5, 2008
    The Misty Mountains
    Thanks for the info. How large of a player base do you currently have? As a sandbox, I assume the primary activities are to get yourself armed, fed, and secure and go explore. :)
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    Aug 18, 2015
    I can not say numbers, but we now have three European, one American and one Russian server. The game is translated into 8 languages by the players. I think, based on this information, you can understand the interest of the players to the game :)
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    Oct 18, 2005
    Looks like it could be fun.

    couple language translation misspells:
    edible not eatable
    hare not hair
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    Aug 18, 2015
    Thanks. I'm sorry, this text from a very old version. Now the game and website without typos :)
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    Aug 18, 2015

    New feature: Dominium dilapidation and marauding

    What this feature is about?

    Dominium left for a long time will gradually dilapidate. After dominium crashes, other players will be able to plunder the unprotected goods of the land holder.

    Why do we implement this feature?
    We think, this aspect will add interest to exploring the world and treasure hunting. Beside that, it will solve the problem of “ghost towns”.

    How it works? In detail:
    A dominium starts to get damage every hour if its owner doesn’t enter the game for 3 days. Same as other buildings it will change its color depending on how much damage is taken. In case an owner enters the game before his dominium completely destroyed, he will be able to repair it. Dilapidation timer resets on entering.

    Days (24 hours) required for complete dominium destruction after passing first 3 days:
    [ Dates are not final. The system will probably be revised upwards dates ]
    • Basic dominium 2,1
      Small dominium 3,1
      Medium dominium 6,3
      Large dominium 10,4
      Noble dominium 14,6
    After dominuim destruction, all buildings on the territory become dilapidated and bit-by-bit disappear, other players can steal belongings of the land holder. Observe the dominium’s color to choose the moment to plunder before anybody else.

    We are planning to implement this feature in the next update, but you’d better start searching for abandoned domains already now ;)
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    Aug 18, 2015

    Free Open Test 0.7.20. Dominium dilapidation

    Free test server is open for testing version 0.7.20 and new feature. Starting date of dilapidation reduced for test servers up to 12 hours from the moment when the owner left the game.
    Help us to look for bugs, report them in detail, and you will get a reward when test is complete. Test client work separately from the main and does not interfere with play.

    Download test client

    New in 0.7.20
    Dominium dilapidation and marauding. Starting date of dilapidation reduced for test servers up to 12 hours from the moment when the owner left the game.
    Now you can make a wooden shield.
    Added animation of the iron shield, sword and pickaxe.
    Added animation of the stone, iron and steel blade, steel sword and steel shield, stone and steel pickaxe.
    One more portion of icons at the items in the inventory were redrawn.

    Rocks and static objects are now not disappear when the surface under them was replaced. Previously, this has led to the appearance of impassable places on the map.
    Fixed appearance of "trash" on the screen at the time of loading of new areas of the map.
    The edges of the active map is now framed by the dark water, and the stars used to indicate loadable areas.
    Bows is now automatically added on the toolbar, as well as the other weapons.
    Chances of finding rare items in the findings were changed.
    Fixed problem that could reveal on MacOS, when not loaded with character animation and animals because of what was displayed is only like a ball.
    Now applications on MacOS have correct icons.
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    Aug 18, 2015

    What we are working on? Plans for the future updates

    Quite a lot of things were already performed, but there are even more in the development plans. We have decided to lift the veil of mystery and give out a few secrets about things we're working on and things that may be added in the future updates. Some of these ideas might take a lot of time to be carried out, and some of them will be implemented in the near future

    Procedurally expanding worlds. Each server will have it's unique map and will expand according to a number of players on it.
    Mounts will make traveling around the world faster and more comfortable.
    Improvements of combat system and character animations. All characters' movements will become smoother; features and player abilities will be added to diversify PvP.
    User-owned custom servers. Every player will be able to create and customize his own world.
    Skill system that will allow players to master craft abilities and open new recipes of building and creating different things.

    To keep up with the news about future updates and reports about development progress, follow us on socials: Twitter and Facebook
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    Aug 18, 2015
    What the press is thinking about Wild Terra?

    Wild Terra in alpha testing stage, but even now we get a lot of attention and warm feedback not only from the players, but also from the press around the world. Such support is very encourages and gives a lot of energy to move forward. Many thanks to all who support us!

    Press about the Wild Terra:

    "Is an amazing game, and I became quite obsessed with it. As a whole, I recommend Wild Terra to all adventurers that want a new, unique experience to check out!" - 8/10 bestmmorpg2015.com

    “This game will be a good choice for players who does not like grinding. There are no NPCs in the game, so the only way to get something is to create it by yourself or buy it from other players... or take it with brutal force.“ - 2p.com

    “I totally recommend Wild Terra Online, it has great potential and a really bright feature. Can’t wait to see what the devs have in mind and what other features will be added in the game. “ - 7.5/10 grabthegames.com

    “Wild Terra really gave me a sense of accomplishment because you have nothing to start with, so my little house and rickety fence may look cheap, but I put the time and effort into every piece of it – it’s a great feeling that I made it.” -mmo-central.com

    “It’s strange that I had not previously heard about the Wild Terra, because it’s a game that all hardcore fans are waiting” -mmorpg.org.pl

    “Looking for an up-and-coming sandbox that isn’t some weird jumble of voxels? Wild Terra would respectfully submit that you check out its isometric medieval world as a possibility.” - massivelyop.com

    “Wild Terra giving players a great opportunity. You can try the profession of woodcutter, hunter, blacksmith and others. It all depends only on your personal preferences.” - gamek.vn

    "Wild Terra is a very promising, hardcore-type, survival MMORPG that will definitely appeal to fans of survival games." - 10/10 wwgdb.com

    "In spite of the minor glitches that are present in the game (it is an early access game, after all), I have personally enjoyed playing this game a lot... it is well worth its price." - mmosquare.com
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    Aug 18, 2015

    Black Friday special offers. Save up to 70%

    Take part in the biggest sale of the year - Black Friday. Buy access to the game at a special low price. Discounts from 40% to 70% for all bundles. Save up to $155 by making a purchase right now!

    Go to store: http://www.playwildterra.com/#showCaseScreen
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    May 17, 2012
    The game looks pretty cool. I like that idea of land owners buildings falling apart if they are not in game for more than 3 days. That was a very good idea and I don't think I have ever seen anyone do that in any MMO before. I also very much like the idea of a player being able to run their own persistent world. That's very cool.

    The visuals are reminiscent of Ultima Online with the isometric views which I also like for something different if old school. I see that as a plus not a minus personally. I don't personally go for pre-release games at all but will keep an eye on this one to see how things progress. I hope it turns out to be successful. I suspect there is a core audience who will appreciate this for reasons I cite above and more.

    Are there plans to get this onto Steam or is it already?

    Nice updates here with the screenshots and all.
  14. guniball thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 18, 2015
    I am very glad that you are interested in the game and read the updates. :)

    Yes, we are planning to publish on Steam, but it is difficult to say exactly when it will happen, probably December-January
  15. Dirtyharry50 macrumors 68000


    May 17, 2012
    Glad to hear that. I'll keep an eye out for news as development progresses, etc.

    I don't think I said enough about the visuals before. I really like them. I like how how the game looks. The UI looks good too.
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    Aug 18, 2015

    The game is updated to version 0.7.21

    Game client and server has been updated to version 0.7.21. To continue playing you need to download an updated version.
    If you do not have access to the game, you can purchase it on our website: http://www.playwildterra.com/#showCaseScreen

    Download the client update: http://files.playwildterra.com/

    New in 0.7.21

    + Added animation for spear, sling, hammers, sickles, saws, shovels and buckets.
    + Updated animation for wooden and iron axes, added animation for steel.
    + For all types of bows were made the individual animation.
    + Now you can make a straw hat and a flaxen cloak.
    + Fully completed redrawing all icons for the items in the inventory.
    + Each type of tree seedlings now has its own icon.
    + Added sound when throwing spears and stones shot from a sling for melee attacks.


    - Fixed long timers at the ballista, battering rams and resources, which resets the timer at the server restarts.
    - Fixed a bug due to which could cause damage to the player whose double remained on the map.
    - Noble dominiums can now connect to each other.
    - On the server Hortum, extension dominions to each other disabled.
    - Buckets are now taken in the left arm as a shield.
    - Now for irrigation planting, water is not necessary to take in hand.
    - When charging the ballista, a shell is no longer necessary to take in hand.
    - Fixed font sizes in the interface, to provide more space for translations of phrases.
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    Aug 18, 2015
    Help Wild Terra to become one of the best "Indie of the Year 2015"

    Wild Terra became one of the nominees for the title of the best indie game in 2015.
    Support us by clicking on the link, and press Vote!
    1 day until the end of voting!
    December 11 will be announced the voting results and selected 100 of the best indie games of the year.

    Everyone who votes has a chance to get a free key to one of these games!

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    Feb 10, 2008
    i downloaded the test client but couldn't open it.
  19. guniball thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 18, 2015
  20. Paulk macrumors 6502


    Feb 10, 2008
    I have not managed to download this game, so will just have to wait until it comes out in a while.

    I have always been a fan of Ultima Online, so Wild Terra with its superior graphics is one I will definitely join once it is up and running. I am not put off by the way players can buy status, like knight and overlord, as I always start at the bottom on the most simple level. This gives me the option to play the game my way, outside the hierarchy, and take the outcome as it works out in-game.

    Some players used Stratics Reckoning to measure the passage of time for their characters:

    Britannian Date and Time

    Here are some facts relating to time in Ultima Online:

    • Time in Britannia passes quickly compared to our Earth time.

    • In 2 Earth hours an entire Britannian day will have passed.

    • Twelve Britannian days makes one Earth day.

    • Just as on Earth, a Britannian year has twelve months.

    • Each Britannian month, however, consists of 73 days.

    • This makes a Britannian year last 876 Britannian days, which is 73 Earth days.

    • One Earth year equals five Britannian years.

    The release date of Ultima Online was in the Britannian year 289.


    This was called Stratics Reckoning (SR for short). At that time I played a blacksmith, and had joined a guild, Serfs, though in the long run (over years of play) he became sufficiently well-off that he could buy his freedom.
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    Aug 18, 2015
    A year has passed since the alpha-test of Wild Terra started.
    During this year, the game evolved and changed rapidly. It's difficult to imagine, but one year ago there was even no chatting and running features in Wild Terra. For newcomers it was especially difficult, because at that time the game did not even have a beginner’s guide. Hundreds of bugs were found and fixed, thanks to you! The most helpful testers were granted with the Duke keys.

    During this year we added a huge amount of content to the game, a lot of new recipes, building schemes, craft chains, and much more. Along with the addition of new content, we constantly updated the graphics of the game.

    This is how Wild Terra looked before:

    Now everything looks way better, right?

    We also updated the audio of the game: we’ve added background music and sounds to most actions in the game. 8 months ago, when we didn't have a test server, we had to perform two wipes. We again apologize for the inconvenience.

    The current number of Wild Terra servers exceeds one dozen. People from all over the world play the game — we even have players from Reunion. :)
    With such a wide geography, the game has been translated into 10 (!) languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese and Bulgarian.

    During 2015, we held a few contests and free key distributions.
    Wild Terra made it into the Top 100 Indie Games list of the year, according to IndieDB. The 10 best games are being chosen by gamers right now. Vote for Wild Terra to help us achieve a place in the list!

    We have become partners with Gamepedia and opened an official wiki page which is edited and updated by our active players.

    An interview was given to the world's largest portal about MMO games - mmorpg.com
    Here you can find a summary of what the press thinks of our project.

    We were together to celebrate Halloween, and we hope you are going to join us on Christmas.
    Click here to read about what the Wild Terra developers have planned for next year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! In 2016, we will give our best effort to provide you with the best gaming experience!

    Keep up the news, folks! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
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    Aug 18, 2015

    Winter Is Coming. The frozen waters will add new features and surprises...
  23. guniball thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 18, 2015
    Free Open Test!
    Winter has come to the Wild Terra. Open free test server for testing version 0.7.22. The rates on the test server is increased x5 times and all timers accelerated.

    We ask you to pay particular attention to testing. Help us to look for bugs, report them in detail, and you will get a reward when the tests are completed.

    Test client works separately from the main and does not interfere with play.

    Download the test client: http://files.playwildterra.com/dev/

    New in 0.7.22

    Winter has come, the waters were frozen, the ground and trees is covered with snow.

    Added christmas buildings, decorations, gifts and apparel. To get them, you have to obtain new materials.

    Look rare snowflakes in the snow, smite the Santa's deers to get the gifts for Christmas!

    Throwing snowballs, decorate the Christmas tree, sculpt snowmen, give gifts to neighbors and receive gifts from them!

    Put a gift under the door of a neighbor, and an hour later there will be a random gift.

    Hang in a safe place Christmas stocking and go to sleep. After 8 hours, check that you got as a gift!

    From hares, wolves and bears can now obtain wool, from which to produce wool fabric.

    Added snowdrifts and new plant madder, the roots of which are used for dyeing the wool and linen fabric.

    From trees is sometimes possible to cut with a knife branch of mistletoe.

    Branches and cones can be cut from fir tree with a knife.

    Added iron and steel scissors for weaving.

    Added a potter's wheel, which is required for making the pots.

    Updated graphics for the log. Colors for the door have been corrected.

    Updated graphics for the iron armor, added graphics for the steel armor.


    Changed interface of crafts and buildings to be able to display more materials.

    Duration of offline period before dominiums start receiving damage is increased up to 1 week.

    Gobelins now can't block the passage.

    The mill is now also can grind the bones and the roots of the madder.

    Optimized loading of map tiles.

    Optimized display of other players movement, they now move more smoothly.
  24. Dirtyharry50 macrumors 68000


    May 17, 2012
    Love the Winter visuals. Great stuff. Changing seasons adds to the immersion in a very nice way. I like the frozen waters and in particular the snowy wooded area looks really good.
  25. guniball thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 18, 2015
    Christmas Holidays in Wild Terra! Update 0.7.22


    We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our team wants to give you a holiday mood!
    From December 23 to January 8, a special holiday event will be going in Wild Terra. There will be new content that we’ve added recently: gifts, snowmen, festive costumes, snowballs… Lots of new stuff!
    To get the presents, Christmas costume, and a special title faster, you can purchase our new Christmas bundle

    All regular bundles will be on sale at Christmas! Please note that they were reworked: there are less of them now.

    Winter has come to the world of Wild Terra. Woods and glades are covered with snow. Lakes are frozen, and they are no longer an obstacle.
    Play snowballs, make snowmen, present gifts, decorate your houses and don’t forget about a Christmas tree!

    Tests are stopped. Update 0.7.22 is on live servers now. Thank you for the help with testing!
    Download updated client here

    More information:
    0.7.22 New features
    We’ve added new Christmas structures, items, gifts and clothes. To get them, you’ll have to gather new materials.
    Search for rare snowflakes in the snow or hunt deers to get Christmas presents!
    Play snowballs, make snowmen, decorate a Christmas tree, present gifts to your neighbors and you won't be left without one too!
    Leave a present at your neighbor’s door and after an hour a random gift will appear.
    Hang a Christmas sock in a safe place and go to sleep. After 8 hours check it again to see what you’ve got.
    Hunt hares, wolves and bears to acquire wool, which can be worked into wool cloth.
    We’ve added snowdrifts and a new plant (madder). Roots of this plant are used for dyeing wool and flax cloth.
    Cut mistletoe’s branches from trees with a knife.
    Cut fir cones and branches with a knife.
    Iron and steel scissors were added to weaving craft.
    Potter’s wheel was added to the game. You’ll need it to craft pots.
    Updated graphics of the wooden hut, fixed door colors.
    Updated graphics of iron armor, added graphics of steel armor.

    Craft and building UI was changed to make more room for needed materials.
    Time before the dominium dilapidation starts increased from 3 to 7 days
    Carpets don’t block the way anymore.
    Windmill now a also grinds bones and mistletoe roots
    Optimized loading of map fragments.
    Optimized movement of other players. Now they move smoothly.
    Game client translations updated. If you want to help us with the localization into your native language, contact us via email: support@playwildterra.com

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