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Apr 9, 2015
Is this the end of Pandora and Spotify? It seems like everyone has one of these two, or both on all their devices. With Apple Music, will people ditch Pandora and Spotify and just use Apple Music?
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King Shady

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Aug 22, 2010
San Jose, CA
I doubt they can "kill off" Pandora or Spotify. But I guarantee you that a large user base will be transferring over to Apple Music from either Pandora or Spotify when it launches. Apple Music is a big deal and they're really promoting it.


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Aug 4, 2011
I barely even recall what those things are you speak of. Been long dead :rolleyes:
I think Ping and iTunes Radio killed them.
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Mar 15, 2008
I think those two will be fine but the subscriber base might get a little smaller. But I think Apple Music is pulling the life support that Tidal has been on.
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Oct 18, 2008
If Apple Music ever puts a dent in Spotify and Pandora it will probably take a year or so. Never say never... Look at Google Maps on iOS: 3.5x more Apple Maps usage. Who would've thought that a few years ago?
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Jan 6, 2013
Is this the end of Pandora and Spotify? It seems like everyone has one of these two, or both on all their devices. With Apple Music, will people ditch Pandora and Spotify and just use Apple Music?
No way. Most Spotify users use the free version and there's no way the average consumer will start paying. Not in the uk anyway, U.S. Might be different.
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Oct 2, 2013
I've never used these streaming services.

Will the apple music have Asian songs?


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Aug 27, 2012
Wasn't about to switch since I get Spotify Premium for 5€ a month as a student.
But with Apple Music's family plan I will make the switch and will be paying under 5€.


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Jun 11, 2012
i think streaming music services are bogus overall. Here in Canada, we don't have unlimited Data, so when we are on the go, we can't stream as much as we want due to limited data.

So basically, i'll have to buy the song i like to listening to it AND pay $10 monthly for the streaming.. nope, not happening.


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Sep 15, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
Well I got a free year of Pandora One from a Fiat contest so I'll stick with that until that expires and use the 3 months free of Apple Music, but otherwise, I've never paid for a streaming music service. I own most of the music I listen to.


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Jul 11, 2008
I doubt. A giant like Google did absolutely nothing to Spotify with Google Music. I doubt Apple will either.

To be fair, Google doesn't seem to market Google Music very much. I think it's just one of those have it just to have it things for them.
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Dec 2, 2003
I wouldn't say "kill off", but I do think it'll significantly reduce their marketshare, either by a significant number of people migrating from the existing services, and/or by Apple significantly expanding the size of the market by getting significant amounts of people who've never paid for a streaming service to now start using Apple's music service.

Speaking from firsthand experience I can tell you that I just cancelled my Pandora subscription. I did this partially due to the hope and expectation that Apple's service is gonna be great, but to a much larger degree I did it because I started using Pandora like 8 years ago when it was the only game in town, but over these past 8 years pandora hasn't improved at all, while all these new services popped up that are a good or better. I realized that I was still paying pandora 5 bucks a month but I was never using pandora. So Apple's announcement of their new service was enough of a stimulus to get me to finally cancel my pandora subscription.

In the meantime I've been using Amazon Prime Music. It has a *very* small selection of music, which is a HUGE negative, but I get to use it for free because my folks pay for prime only for the shipping so I get to use the included digital services for free, and that's a HUGE positive.

But even with Amazon Music being free for me, if Apple's service turns out as good as it looks like it's gonna be then I'm gonna dump my free Amazon Music and start paying for Apple's Music service.


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Aug 14, 2010
I would easily switch if Apple did the 50% student discount that Spotify does. Until then, the access to slightly more music and that radio station are not enough for me to justify spending twice as much money per month.


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May 20, 2015
I'm pretty sure i'll make the transition with what Apple had shown Don't have any music on any of my devices just Spotify. Everything I listen to except the Beatles is on Spotify. I have a 10GB data plan and stream a ton of spotify, but when i'm home i'm always on wi-fi. Rarely use over 3GB. Love spotify but the integration will be one less app I need on my phone and instead of paying 9.99 a month for myself i'll buy the 14.99 tier so a couple family members will have it as well. With access to the music Apple has and the integration and radio and siri commands i'll probably switch and be very happy. Lucky for me we get a free 3 month trial so that's plenty of time to decide. I certainly don't think Spotify or Pandora will be killed off but I do believe within a year or two that Apple will have a firm grip on them. Very smart business decision for them. They really widened their market by making an app for android and windows while maintaining their tight integration of hardware and software.
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