Will Apple TV work with 'server hard drive' on Airport Base Station?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by markw10, Jan 16, 2007.

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    I have a Apple TV on order and the 40 gig HD isn't enough for my iTunes collection but as well I have a Airport Base Station coming. I plan to put at least a 250 gig hard drive on that. My questions:

    1. I know how you can copy files to the Apple TV's hard drive and as well connect with up to 5 PC's. Will it connect to a hard drive connected to the Airport Base Station though?

    2. I plan to use this hard drive on the base station as a 'server drive'. Is there any way I can get podcasts to automatically go on this server drive as well as other media files such as my videos and music from itunes and photos from iphoto? What I mean is basically have these items from my laptop sync to the appropriate directories on this server drive.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    interesting questions. i wish i know the answers. i guess, we will only get answers when we get reviews and/or when the product ships.

    i wonder if the guys in apple stores can answer appletv questions...
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    Isn't it amazing what you can find on Apple's web pages...? :rolleyes:

    Short answer: The Apple TV works much like an iPod. In iTunes you choose what you want synced over, and - el presto - that gets transferred to your Apple TV and you can watch it on your TV.
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    You will have a Macintosh somewhere running iTunes and iPhoto. With both programs, you can tell them where all the music and all the videos are stored. Tell them that the music/photos are stored on the "server drive", that's all.

    iTV connects to any computer running iTunes and can play anything that iTunes can play. If iTunes is set up to store its music on the server drive, then iTV will get the music from there, but indirectly. It won't go directly to the server, but it works just the same.

    If you have one Macintosh at home that is turned on all the time, then you can just plug in any external harddisk into that Macintosh, and turn file sharing on and have mostly the same effect. And the forty GB harddisk in iTV is just meant to store things so you can watch videos while the Macintosh is turned off. Lets say you have 200GB of videos on your Macintosh. You can watch all of them on iTV; anything that doesn't fit on the 40GB disk will be streamed directly from the Macintosh at the moment when you watch without any wait; the only little problem is that the Macintosh needs to be turned on.

    So the Airport Base Station + External harddisk is mostly useful when you have only laptops at home, and none of them is in a fixed place permanently turned on.

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