Will the new iPhone have a better processor? (Yes) ~9to5mac

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by =MuLti-CeLL=, Apr 12, 2009.

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    Jan 14, 2009
    Will the iPhone have a better processor? (YES)

    9to5mac hits on a story from Forbes about a week old but puts their mind to work on why they think the possibilities are favorable for this next gen iPhone most are hoping for to up the ante on the processor.

    Here's a little bit from that article...


    "1. The TI OMAP 3430 chip that is in the Pre is a very quick chip. That is why the Pre has the horsepower to do all of that fancy multitasking you see in all of those videos. It has about double the horsepower of Apple's current Samsung and can use less power (see why Apple should be changing?). It is also in a few other hot new devices like the Open Pandora and the Archos phone.

    2. Samsung's ARM Cortex A8 S5PC100 followup to their iPhone chip (schematic pictured above). This would be the easiest migration route and would require the least amout of low level code changes. It looks to be on roughly the same level as the TI OMAP 3430. Also, Apple buys lots of Flash from Samsung so their partnership is already strong.

    3. Apple/PA Semi could be building their own chip. After all, this is what Jobs said they bought the company for. It will still likely be based on an ARM Cortex architecture and, like all of these other chips (except NVIDIA - which have their own hard-core GPU), work with Imagination's multi-core GPU.

    4. Macrumors said they've heard claims that the Marvell PXA168 ARM XScale chip is going to be the next iPhone chip. While this is kind of a wild card (Intel sold the XScale technology used to build the ARM processor to Marvell in 2006 for $600 million), Apple has been known to do some interesting things.

    5. NVidia, Apple's partner on DisplayPort technology on its new Mac line as well as OpenCL partner, has an incredible ARM line called Tegra. Their chips have been shown to run head to head with Intel's Atoms at multiples less power usage. These chips are rumored to be entering Netbooks running Ubuntu and Android shortly. Apple invests in and loves Imaginations GPU chips so it is unlikely that they would use NVIDIA's."

    Happy Easter everyone! ;)
  2. Almy macrumors 6502

    Sep 27, 2008
    That'd be cool. Isn't the current 3G processor still being underclocked by a couple hundred MHZ due to battery drain or something? I'd rather have a big boost in RAM personally.

    But then again I won't be replacing my 3G til summer of 2010.
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    ^^ It seems like RAM is the biggest issue right now with the iPhone, although there do seem to be some tidy improvements from the GPU upgrade the iPod touch 2G got.
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    The 3G Chip, the SC36400 tops out at 533 according to Samsung's original spec sheet. They could have built subsequent faster versions however. Apple like to use specially made parts that aren't "on the market" as we all know.
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    In my world

    I'm totally happy w/what's in there now but I would also like to see a speeed increase. That would be very nice.
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    I'm with you on that one! More RAM this time around to allow the processor a little more breathing room would be great.

    The current processor is 2 years old correct? So surely they must be thinking of upgrading pretty soon. Or they could be going with the "if it aint broke..." attitude.
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    I want more RAM like many people have said above me. Just do the following:

    1. Open 2 web pages in Safari that you think are not that heavy to keep (MacRumors and Google desktop version are good choices).
    2. Go to Maps

    = By the time you quit Maps and go back to Safari, your pages or page is whited out.

    Another scenario:

    1. Go to Safari, open any page, and then quit.
    2. Go to iPod and play any song, and quit with the music playing.
    3. Try browsing in Safari using multi tabs, each tab you open is fine, but the previous one blanks out an you have to reload.

    There are many scenarios like these ones that in overall mean that the iPhone really needs a RAM bump.

    The current ARM CPU is fine, the problem is it stutters because the RAM room is not enough.

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