iPad Pro Will you buy an A13X iPad Pro if released this Spring?


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May 27, 2006
Not until Apple releases an OS or apps that actually take advantage of the Pro hardware. I mean the iPad Pros are being discontinued before being truly taxed by any of the software.
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Nov 14, 2018
I'm an Illustrator but never owned an Ipad in my life. But lately, I've been very charmed its use for Illustration and Digital Arts. So I can't wait for it to be released. I just hope they will release it in the first half of March as I will still be in SE Asia and it's quite cheaper than buying it in Europe. Usually they take a couple of weeks to deliver the stocks to the Apple Stores once they've been released, don't they?


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Sep 14, 2006
I just think that 6gb of Ram in 2020 is a bit low despite iOS being much more optimized. But with more pro apps why can't they just go for at least 8gb? All other smart phones are going 10-12gb so why can't an iPad Pro have at least 8gb of ram?


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May 6, 2008
I have the 11" IPP and I think I'm set for at least another year or two. I don't need to upgrade my iPad every year. 2-3 year upgrade cycle is more realistic for me.


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Jan 9, 2020
I honestly couldn’t care less about the CPU or the cameras. Give me:

* Better speakers (i.e. same tech as the 16” MBP.)
* More RAM (at least 6GB.)
* Stronger chassis.
* Improved water resistance.
* Either move FaceID to landscape, or put them in both landscape and portrait.


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May 27, 2012
I won’t be rushing to buy one as soon as it launches.. but I’ll definitely look to purchase one when I’m ready to upgrade..

Invisible Elf

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Jan 16, 2011
I have the 11" Pro from 2018. I use it all the time and it doesn't feel slow for any tasks. I plan to upgrade in 2021 since my work provides a tablet every third year.


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Sep 1, 2018
Yes I will be buying the next one. It will be more than a CPU upgrade. Not sure why people would think they would only upgrade a CPU for something they update nearly every year and a half.

Also RAM won’t be a feature they use to sell the next release. Apple don’t advertise RAM. It will be upgraded though.


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Jun 7, 2015
Seattle WA
No. I don't see it providing anything worth enough to me to upgrade from my 2018 12.9 Pro. Price has gotten too high on these devices for me to consider such rapid updates.


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Sep 2, 2015
If Apple only updated the processor by one increment would that be enough? If not, what would it need to have to compensate?
Just like there was never an A11X CPU Apple skipped a generation for iPad Pro they are skipping the A13 because it’s still 7nm just like the A12X there would be no benefits is any very minimal.
The A14X will be 5nm and possible 10 Core. 2 Big High speed cores, 4 Medium Core, and 4 Little Low power Cores.
They are going away from BigLittle. The magic is just like the A12X it has HMP, heterogeneous multiple processing meaning an app can use All Cores, or just 3 Cores or just 2 Cores.

My Rule #1. Is to Always Skip and IPad Pro Generation period.


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Mar 11, 2009
Probably not. To me, the Pro series is somewhat overpriced. I'll stick with the Air and regular iPad series when on sale. I find they perform excellently and their displays are perfect. I'll put the savings from holding off on a Pro toward upgrading the Air or regular iPad as needed.
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Oct 21, 2007
I’m not sure at this stage. I currently have a 12.9” 3rd gen and an iPad Pro 10.5”. I’ve been considering trading them both for the next 11” for easier portability since I take either iPad out and about with me. I might miss the 12.9” at times though if I do so I am still not sure what I want to do.
If I decide to move to the 11”, then I will wait for the new one. If not, then I will stick with what I have until the following iPad Pro release. If I decide to stick with what I have for now, then I hope that the rumoured keyboard with backlighting is true and will work with the 12.9” 3rd gen.

Unlike many, I am interested in camera upgrades on the iPad Pro, but only for the 11” version. I wouldn’t hold my 12.9” up for photos, but I would the smaller one. Not at a concert though or where I am obstructing the view of others, but other than that, I think that an 11” with even better cameras would be great.
The other feature that I’d like to upgrade for would be even more storage. Yes, I’d upgrade to a 2TB iPad if there was one.


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May 3, 2009
I've been saving up gift cards to either get an apple watch or an iPad, so I'll probably get a new iPad this spring regardless (of what apple does or doesn't do).


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Nov 28, 2018
Unlike many, I am interested in camera upgrades on the iPad Pro, but only for the 11” version. I wouldn’t hold my 12.9” up for photos, but I would the smaller one. Not at a concert though or where I am obstructing the view of others, but other than that, I think that an 11” with even better cameras would be great.
I'd like to assume that it'll also bring more AR capabilities.
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May 19, 2019
Salisbury, North Carolina
I’ve got an iPP 2015 1st gen 12.9” that still provides pretty much everything I need in an iPad. Easy to read, fast enough for Internet grazing, big enough for Numbers and Excel spreadsheets, acceptable cellular connectivity, and coupled with its Logitech lighted keyboard is easy to create text. In 5 years I think I’ve used the camera, oh, say, never.

For me, the prime mover to update is the USB-C port and the ability to connect file storage devices more easily than allowed with Lightning ports. I doubt I’ll go for the newest one but when it comes out the next-newest version should be reduced a bit in cost and a better purchase for my needs. I very much like my iPadPro.
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Jan 25, 2020
IMO the biggest blindspot in the 2018 hardware is the 4GB of RAM on most models. Max out the canvas resolution in Procreate and you’ll find it crashes during sleep frequently, even without using many layers. I’m always impressed with how optimized iOS is, and how far it can go on such little memory, but software tricks can only go so far when you’re trying to do serious work. I’d like to see at least 6GB minimum in the 2020 models, maybe even 8 for the high end SKUs.