win 10 wifi slow with bootcamp - out of options

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    Oct 21, 2016
    Hi all,

    Let me start by saying I have searched and tried everything I can find for the passed 2 days.. and I just can't seem to fix this issue, so here I am hoping for some assistance.

    I have a 2015 retina MBP. I run bootcamp win10 to play a few games on steam only.
    Wasn't having too much trouble at first,everything seemed to run fine. But after a while I started noticing my internet speeds were very slow. Mainly the download is an issue.
    I am getting a max of 5-6 Mbps while it should go well over 100 Mbps.

    I started googling and found many similar issue's both in older and newer posts of other users.

    my broadcom wifi info:

    broadcom 802.11AC network adapter
    driver date: 6/10/2015
    driver version: (this is the one that works stable but only gives me 5 Mbps tops)

    What have I tried?

    • restarting router - but this isn't the issue
    • tested on OSX, other mbp (osx), and other devices I have - internet works fine with download speeds well over 100 Mbps
    • Used "driver talent" to search for updated drivers. this finds a new broadcom 802.11ac driver, I installed it and my speed goes to about 20 Mbps, but I start getting fall outs and the wifi just stops working. cannot connect to network. Sometimes it works for a few minutes, but drops out again. When I go to device manager and search for driver on the internet it installs other drivers, but I fall back to the 5 Mbps speed.
    • tried installing drivers I found on the internet related to this problem, but they either don't work, or give me similar problems as mentioned above.
    Basically I always have to go back to the original drivers the device manager installs automatically, then everything works stable, but the speeds are soooo slow.
    When downloading something through steam, at best I reach download speeds of 800 KB/sec.

    As this clearly is a driver related issue, is there anything I can do?? I can't imagine this not being solved.. yet I can't find a solution that works for me anywhere..

    Desperatly hoping on some assistance.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Oct 21, 2016

    I changed my router wireless settings from "both 2.4 & 5 Ghz" to 5 Ghz only.

    with 80 Ghz frequency and a fixed channel I reached around 55 Mbps.

    Then I changed to 40Ghz Frequency and channel on "automatic" and now I'm getting 80-100 Mbps.

    I'm happy about that for now on this windows BS.
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    last update:

    The above mentioned did not work after all. It worked for a little while but my wifi became very unstable, dropping out and such.

    I called my provider and he switched some settings around on my router.. And now I have a decent connection. At least it's more stable around 60-80 Mbps. I think he channeels from "automatic" to a specific channel. Other then that no idea what changed.

    Why I had perfect internet on OSX and horrible on windows remains a mystery to me.

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