Windows 10 (x64) on iMac 10,1 (Late 2009)

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    May 8, 2018
    Hello guys,
    I've been reading this forum for three days trying to completelly install windows 10 on my iMac 10,1 (late 2009). I've tried to clean the HD and install Windows just like any other computer (Yes, i didn't know the trouble i would get into...). [I'll adimit that I didn't really know how to do it, it's beeing an adventure to me :D]
    I will describe the process I went trought and try to explain the things that are driving me crazy.

    1. Made a Windows 10 Pro (x64) Bootable USB stick with Rufus on another Windows computer.
    1.1 Pen Drive specs: MBR partition for UEFI - FAT32

    2. Bootable USB didn't showed on Mac white screen, so I installed rEFInd to be able to start the Windows Installation.

    3. In partitioning step I completelly wipped the HD :( with diskpart and installed windows.

    4. Completed Windows 10 (x64) installation but computer keeps restarting over and over.

    5. Made another Bootable USB stick with rEFIt to boot to Windows Intallation again.

    6. After trying this for a long time, discovered that the problem was NVidia GeForce 9400M card that bugged Windows starting.

    7. From discovered that VGA needs to be enabled for Windows to boot without problems on Windows 10.

    8. Used rEFIt to acess EFI Shell and create startup.nsh and run the script from there. For the first time i was able to install Nvidia drivers and use my computer.
    8.1 EFI specs: Apple EFI 1.10
    8.2 startup.nsh
    mm 0010003E 1 ;PCI :8
    mm 03000004 1 ;PCI :7

    9. When restarting my computer i get the same error from (4).

    So, now I need your help. I've tried a lot of things from different sites and I'm not able to resolve this.

    * The script made on (8) works only when starting the computer from EFI Shell, when restarting the computer normally, the script don't run accordingly. Any of you know how to check if script is running or if it's causing any error on normal startup?

    * I'm trying to change brightness on Windows 10 to this computer and any of the methods found on google search are able to activate this feature. Do you know how to enable brigthness control of this model of iMac on Windows 10? (I just want to up the bright, it's too dark for me :()​
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    Nov 17, 2013
    London UK
    well here is my experience messing with an iMac10,1 21.5 inch with windows in EFI mode on both the GeForce 9400 models and the ATI 4670 Models

    while they will happily boot windows 10 in EFI mode (without any EFI hackery) the GPU drivers for both cards dont work (properly) in EFI mode. on the GeForce 9400 model the NVIDIA drivers cause a BSOD and the machine reboots (this seems to happen with any NVIDIA Tesla based card you EFI boot windows 10 on in a Mac the same BSOD happens if I EFI boot windows 10 in my MP5,1 with its GT 120) meanwhile on the ATI model the drivers work but the LCD is all screwed up (same thing happens with linux in EFI mode too) heres a detailed system info shot of the GeForce 9400 model

    (sadly I no longer have an iMac10,1 to play with any further, I had to return the GeForce 9400 one as it had been damaged in shipping, and the ATI Radeon 4670 model was just in my hands for a hard drive change)

  3. MenorMe thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 8, 2018
    Well, then we are on the same page.
    Right now my 10,1 it's all functional BUT
    1. I can't restart in the normal way, every time i turn it off I have to enter rEFIt to boot to EFI Shell and let startup.nsh run to get to the system.
    2. I'm not able to control the brightness of the screen in any way. (I guess there's a way to enable it on EFI Shell but I'm not able to. I would really appretiate if someone could help. :D)
    UPTADE: I was able to get the screen brightness to 100% on Windows 10!!! It's really silly and I don't know why. For some reason, if you suspend the computer on windows 10 wait some time and move and click the mouse to make it wake up, the screen comes back in 100% brightness. (For me it's better than 0%)

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