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Feb 18, 2009
I've already got Windows on my MBP using Boot Camp. I'm running out of room on the Windows side, how can I make the partition larger? Do I need to wipe it and reinstall Windows, allocating a larger partition? Hope not, what a PIA that will be!
Feb 15, 2009
Boston, MA
Yes, as far as I know you have to remove the partition and reinstall Windows.

I have heard that iPartition will do the trick, but it'll cost you $45.


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Jan 8, 2008
I just did this!

Is your Windows side NTFS or Fat32? If it is the latter, you likely will have to start fresh. If it is NTFS, you can use Winclone and create an img of your drive. Delete your Bootcamp partition using the Assistant, repartition using the Assistant, and then use Winclone to put it back on.

HOWEVER, TAKE CAUTION. If you have a heavily fragmented drive, you WILL run into issues during the repartition. I did, and it SUCKED. I had to install iDefrag and then do a compact defrag of my hard drive. Otherwise, you won't have enough continuous free space to create the new Windows side.

After that though, you'll have to defrag and repair the disk by booting up, holding Cmd+S and typing

/sbin/fsck -fy

A great experience for me…lol.


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Jul 25, 2010
here's what I did

New MacBook Pro hard drive

I’m updating my old MacBook Pro hard drive from 160gb to a new 500gb drive.

This is what I did and all went well, no help for you here if you get stuck.

MacBook Pro

Things your going to need
1/ New hard drive – I got mine from Other World Computing
2/ External drive case for the new hard drive (for formatting and transfer of your data)
3/Carbon Copy Cloner

Now here’s a brief description of what we are going to do;

0/ Of course you have backed up all your data, so I don’t need to mention that.
1/Put your shiny new hard drive into the external case and connect to the mac
2/ go to applications/utilities/ and open Disc Utility
3/ navigate to your new drive and select partition from the menu on top
4/ think about your requirements for your new set up and allocate the spaces to the new partitions
5/ you don’t have an option for windows as it only does FAT you can convert to NTFS later
6/ then go to Carbon Copy Cloner and select source drive (your existing mac drive) and destination drive (your new drive) and clone
7/ now open Winclone and make an image of your boot camp and save it (important bit here) to your new drive in the mac partition, which will be a clone of your existing system (put it in “documents”)
8/so far so good, now the hard bit
9/ fit your new drive into the mac – easy really follow other World Computing’s video fitting new hard drive (***caution*** my MacBook Pro 17′ is a 3,1 version pre Unibody yours might be different just look around for your model.
10/ Having installed hard drive time to turn it on and see if it works, if all is well your data is now up and running, if not, get a box of tissues and a beer. sorry no help for you here mine works just fine.
11/ Now set up boot camp, boot camp support page just set up the boot camp in the partition you made earlier.
12/ Now copy over the windows image using winclone to the boot camp partition ( of course you made the new partition bigger than the old window image, my windows partition was about 58Gb my new boot camp was about 61Gb) winclone will take care of the difference.
13/ now if you dare boot up into windows and see hows it goes, go to systems preferences and select drives then select start up drive, select boot camp, mac turns off and comes back as windows.
14/ Now this being windows anything can happen, all mine went sweet, I put this down to the brilliant mac software and hardware, if I was doing the reverse on a PC, well I just wouldn’t bother.

The main thing about the change over was how easy it was using winclone to copy over the disc image, enlarge it and use it. seriously I did this in about 4/5 hours including backing up, I also had the bad experience of doing the same to my PC notebook the following week end, due to a failing HD, took me nearly all weekend!!! to do the same thing.

Good luck.