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Jun 25, 2007
St. Paul, Minnesota
Ballmer isn't all that bad...

Microsoft is not, and has never been an innovative company. What makes it successful though, is that it delivers on consumer's wants and needs and delivers a lot of the time a solid product.

Nobody can argue that Word isn't a bad product. Nor is Windows 7. Nor is Zune. Nor are a lot of the things that Microsoft makes.

Ballmer has just continued Microsoft's philosophy since day one: Don't innovate, just deliver on what the consumers want.


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Feb 5, 2009
Why? Ballmer is GREAT for Apple!

Visionless, incoherent, slow, you name it. Keep him! He's a great example of the Microsoft Way.


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Jun 13, 2007
Visionless, incoherent, slow, you name it. Keep him! He's a great example of the Microsoft Way.
Exactly, why would you want Ballmer out, keep him in for all I care, let the PC fanboys watch their company slowly crumble over the next few years.

Rodimus Prime

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Oct 9, 2006
What companies that take 1 and 2 are good at what consumer want. Apple is great at following consumers and getting consumer to buy their product. But for business applications and the business world apple on the other had sucks and really has not added anything new to that market.


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Jul 10, 2010
I'm surprised apple still sells the xserve and/or osx server, because of their inability to work with the business community.
Yeah Apple really doesn't care about explicitly doing anything for business. However increasingly iPhones and iPads are making their way into the enterprise anyways because employees demand them.


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Jun 28, 2007
What has Google innovated as of late that has become mainstream? Most of the time I just see them buying out other companies for their "innovations".
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