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WWDC 2016 Spoiler-Free Video Stream [Video Posted]


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's WWDC keynote will be kicking off in a matter of hours, and as is tradition, some MacRumors readers who can't follow the event live are interested in avoiding all of the announcements and waiting until Apple posts the recorded video of the event so as to experience it without already knowing the outcome.

For those individuals, we've posted this news story, which will be updated with a direct link to the presentation once it becomes available from Apple. No other news stories or announcements will be displayed alongside this story.

Apple has become quicker about making event videos available for replay over the past several years, and videos are now frequently available within an hour of an event's conclusion.

Users waiting for the video to be posted are welcome to gather in the thread associated with this news story, and we ask that those who follow the events refrain from making any posts about Apple's announcements in this thread.

Video Posted: A direct link to the video file is now available, with no spoilers.

Article Link: WWDC 2016 Spoiler-Free Video Stream [Video Posted]


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Oct 19, 2005
Rumors say no new hardware, but if they're going down the AI route, (like Echo) then hopefully they'll have one more thing ;)

BJB Productions

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Nov 10, 2008
Will this be downloadable anywhere? I'm going to be taking a flight tomorrow and might want to watch it if I can't stream it. Maybe T-Mobile's free GoGo will be working by then...


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Feb 4, 2011
Not sure if you're being sarcastic...

Unlike hardware leaks, software leaks are much harder to come by as they are all internal at Cupertino.

Nope. I should have added "because it adds an element of surprise".
Nah I'm with SMIDG3T - The announcements have been getting more and more boring... Prob watch updates.. Fingers crossed for a huge surprise.

But he agreed with me.....


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Oct 28, 2015
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It's a Trap

I think we might have lulled ourselves into complacency over this announcement and are expecting so little that Apple could drop a big surprise and change everything.

I understand that "no hardware" is the general rule, but they have so many products it is hard to keep up with all the announcements and they may need to do a hardware here.


Dec 7, 2007
As an owner of devices with iOS, Mac OS X, watchOS, and tvOS, I'm quadruply excited. Gotta love software, baby.


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Sep 15, 2013
A shame, this will be the best WWDC in years.

What makes you say that? we really don't know that much about what's going to be shown.
As an owner of devices with iOS, Mac OS X, watchOS, and tvOS, I'm quadruply excited. Gotta love software, baby.

Same, hopefully there will be some good software updates, i wonder with IOS 10 if we will see something special, i also wonder if they will add to the Multitasking features and iPad Pro software.


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Jun 8, 2010
As an owner of an iPad 4 and a 2010 iMac, I don't feel like I'm getting a lot of updates on this one. The last round was already pretty shabby. I was (and still) am seriously jealous on the split screen multitasking features the newer iPad owners gained last year, I feel like iPads made more progress than other iDevices last year.

I feel like iOS has become so complete over the last years that the most benefits can be gained from opening up some APIs that are still closed. I'm thinking Siri, audio (3rd party system wide parametric equalizers, anyone?), default apps,...

Macs will probably get Siri </important stuff>

New hardware, maybe some new Macbooks with skylake and usb-c with the thunderbolt 3 spec to finally support that shiny new retina cinema display (which is needed now).
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