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Apr 12, 2001


MacStories reports that Apple has seeded a fourth developer preview version of Xcode 4, the company's development environment for the Mac and iOS platforms, to registered Mac developers.
This is a pre-release version of Xcode 4, a major new release of Xcode for both Mac and iOS development. This release requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and includes the iOS SDK 4.1, to develop apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Please review the Release Notes and Readme before installing this software.
Xcode 4 was initially introduced to developers at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June. It brings a number of enhancements including a new single-window interface and several new and improved tools for creating applications for Apple's computers and mobile devices.

Article Link: Xcode 4 Developer Preview 4 Seeded to Developers


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Jul 29, 2010
Hmm, I wonder if it's any faster than the previous ones?

Does it contain the latest LLVM?

If anyone already has it, please post your impressions.

Also, right now the download page says Access denied, even though I am logged in and member of the paid iOS dev program. What the hell? I guess torrenting it is OK in this case, but... something's wrong with the authorization on the Apple website.


Oh, I didn't notice the new license agreement at the top of the page that I had to... agree to.. before being allowed to download. All fine now.


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Aug 31, 2003
Wherever my feet take me…
A portion of X Code 4 and SDK 4 will be OS10.7 aware for debugging and future proofing. I wonder if that involves any new entire protocols, or mere API's?

What "cool features" will 10.7 even add?


I doubt it'll contain much, if any, about 10.7. 10.7 hasn't even been officially announced yet by Apple. The invitations sent out for the thing on October 20th don't explicitly say anything about 10.7. People assume that because there's a lion in the picture and the caption is "Back to Mac" means Mac OS X 10.7. While logical, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Even if the event on the 20th is about 10.7, if the past is any indicator, Apple will showcase some new features, maybe give some developers access to a developer preview. Plus, when you add in Apple's notorious secrecy, I highly doubt that this new beta of Xcode 4 will have anything major about 10.7.


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Jun 12, 2005
I don't think Apple will be updating XCode to 5 or even 4.5 for Mac OS 10.7 though, so I bet we'll be using 4 for at least 2 years. So it wouldn't be surprising if 4 does support some new 10.7 features, or 4.1 will.


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Mar 1, 2003
0 guys are missing the point

...Jobs is "connecting the two operating systems", that is going to allow at least one of those systems to rapidly progress (probably the mobile OS)..then tow or tandem fashion.

Ok..then what does that mean for High End Mac People..who have been waiting for news on ZFS, 256 bit processing, and related technical bellweathers?

Could be very significant.

If iPhones, iPods, iTablets, iNotebooks, iWhatevers...can all talk to the desktop..or the MAINFRAME..with extreme ease of use.

Then the CERN culture in Europe will eat Mac OS's foreever...along with Linux
and whatever Redmond patches together.

Except that only Apple will have one consistant ease of use platform across multiple technological interfaces.

Think about it..a "256 bit A chip" in a new mac...talks to a OpenMP multiprocessing computer in Berlin...helping someone in Silicon Valley order
Japanese parts using ULIW (Ultra Long Integer Word...256/512/1024) for a
special NASA project in Houston.

All documents compatible..including the voice records in data/text format.

Anything requireing "government compliance" has special code or applications
written in Obj C 3.0 of whatever "ML's"..and exactly codified to standards that may have changed last Tuesday.

The issue here is "resource enhancement"..not processor speed, not byte-width...not icon fluidity...allthough ALL of the above may be affected.

Apple is staying on course...making Intel make them what they want (chips,
source code etc.) perhaps even an "optical chip" for ultra encrypted official
Government specified iPhones..iNetpads...iONMARSpads..whatever.

We are no longer moving into the future..we crossed over that thin white
line with the sign that said "Entering the Twilight Zone".

..or Star Trek, pass me the milk and cookies Mr. Spock.

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