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    May 20, 2011
    Now that I have all my Ethernet drops done in my utility closet and a patch panel in place, I want to continue building out my infrastructure. Years ago when the Xserve was discontinued, a company made look-alike xserve chasis that could run linux. Unfortunately, I can't seem to remember the name of the company or if they even exist. Browsing on newegg for 1U servers, it seems there's only SuperMicro, Norco, and Athena that make cases. However, all these look cheaply made OR not very appealing in terms of looks.

    I'm looking for both a shallow 1U rack ( <18" ) and a deep 1U rack ( >18" ). ASUS seems to make nice looking 1U servers, but nothing in the shallow sizes.

    Any ideas? I would use the Mac Mini but with its single ethernet port and lack of hard drive add-ons, I rather pass on it. Mac Pro would take up too much space.
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    If you really want to stick with Mac, Sonnet do an excellent product which basically turns a Mac Mini into a 1U X-Serve looking product that uses Thunderbolt to give it PCI-E slots, allowing you to buy multi-port Ethernet cards.

    It's pricey, and a lot of people suggest that it costs a lot more than actually buying a normal 1U server. But it's an option if you want it!


    They also do a product that does the same with a Mac Pro, but I think that's stretching it a bit far!
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    Nov 4, 2014

    what are your goals with your server, what are you serving ? or doing ? DO you "HAVE" to be osx ?

    You can use PC servers ?

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