Your Favorite Mac?


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Jun 29, 2003
Chicago, IL
I was wondering out of all the macs you have ever owned, what is the one that was so perfect, lasted the longest, fit perfectly, and that you hated to replace?

For me, it has to be my Powerbook G4 800mhz (tibook). Even though I have had Macs before and I have a brand new iMac G5, I still love this computer. I have had problems, a hinge broke. But it is the best computer that Apple has ever made, and I still get stares when I take it to my law classes.


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Nov 5, 2004
My Pismo was my favorite. I feel that it was and still is the classiest looking laptop ever made. Talk about a head turner.


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Feb 2, 2002
TAM, of course.

but more, uh, realistically...

I'd have to say the PB3500 perhaps, or the Quadra 700. The PB for the 4-speaker-system (still sounded like crap, but hey, it was 4-speaker) and the Workgroup Server for it's massive size and '90s stylings. Looked like a skyscraper (and the little keys with the Apple logos on them were adorable!)


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Mar 27, 2005
My fav would be the eMac 1.25Ghz. Even though I have already sold it and got myself an iMac 20" G5, I still think that the eMac has great value for $$ and great build quality. Only problem is that it tends to be a tad on the big side.


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Feb 2, 2005
Although the first computer I used consistently was my Quadra 660AV (it still works fine, btw), I'm going to vote PowerMac 6500. It lasted years, and took me through Marathon 2/Infinity and Myth I/II. Its 96 MB of RAM powered through everything we through at it. Years later, I still haven't gotten a Mac that I enjoyed so much.


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Aug 8, 2005
I'm only 14, but I still remember a few. We are a very mac family.

Dad at one stage bought 3 macs. One for a relative, one for work, and an LC520 for home. I loved that little mac. 12MB of RAM, 80MB HDD :D

Then we got a PM G3, 333Mhz, 4GB HDD, 128MB RAM (I think), we added a USB PCI card later on. And that was a great comp.

Then there was the iMac G3, 10GB HDD, 192MB RAM, 400Mhz(I think). Bondi blue slot loading with firewire. That was just for my brother and I to share.

Next would be the iMac G4 at work. 800Mhz, 80GB HDD, 256MB RAM

Maybe my favourite of all our comps is this pb g3. 5 years and still going well, it was gotten before the iMac, but we still have this. iMac's gone. This had a 6GB HDD, which we replaced with a 60GB about 3 months ago.

Our G5 will most likely last the most of all our computers. Or the PB G4.
bold are the comps we still have.. Others were given to grandparents, etc to learn on.


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Mar 20, 2005
Definitely my iBook G4. Can't get over how much they improved on the keyboard since the G3's!

Astral Cars

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May 11, 2005
St. Paul
Well the first computer I can very clearly remember using was the Performa 6220, stepped up to a Lime green 333mhz iMac G3, I liked that one quite a bit. Then moved to a 800mhz iMac G4, which I also liked quite a bit. Obviously though, my favorite at the moment is my newish 15" Powerbook G4 (1.5GHz.)

Oh, and by the way Xeem, I've played Myth II on all four of those machines. : )


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May 26, 2005
Working for MI-6
My favorite Mac, the only one I currently own, is my
Power Mac G5.

Although, the machine that made me fall in love with Apple was an iMac G4 (800MHz-256MB RAM) at college.


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Jun 2, 2004
outback, far from the surf
My G3/333 PB

the first Mac "I" bought, (although we had a Mac SE30 when i was a kid, shufflepuck anyone? :) ) was my G3/333 PowerBook.
a lush 14" screen (which still doesn't have a single dead pixel!)
boosted the RAM to 300+Mb (lurverly)
got me a DVD drive (exp bay) & card anna FireWire PCMCIA Card for it anna ZIP Drive expansionbaythingo (which broke)
still has it's MIGHTY 4GB HDD!
SCSI so i can use my Nikon CoolScan II (and the reason i didn't get the 400 straight up, i needed that SCSI at the time)
i still have it, i still use it, it still gets admiring glances from PC owners and muchos cred from the Mac faithful.

i just wish the lousy WinDon't98 boxes i inherited when i bought this business (a newspaper) would talk to it... but new iMacs next month!

six years of hassle free service and counting....

and they say macs are expensive...... :)


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Jan 10, 2005
I've owned only 3 types of Macs: iMac G3s, iBook G3 (color) and eMac.
I didnt say 3 Macs because I dont remember exactly how many iMacs I had.

I liked iBook because I liked the idea of carying compter around :D. It was pretty slow though and 800x600 resolution was not very comfortable ;). I liked (and still like) notebooks' keys on the keyboard - they are so small and convinient :D esp. on Al PowerBooks.

However my eMac is the most powerfull Mac that i have ever owned, so maybe its my favorite. Hope to get iMac G5 soon. Hope... :(


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Apr 20, 2004
I love my 12" PowerBook. Portable yet powerful (enough).

I think the mac with the colest design is definatly the G4 Cube. Although it failed, it would have been awesome if they had sold more. I think the TiBooks were very revolutionary with their 15w screen.


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Jul 20, 2004
epepper9 said:
Dad at one stage bought 3 macs.
Your dad must be loaded... either that or he's a very good bank robber.

But seriously, even though I didn't own one, I'd have to say the grape iMac was the coolest. Say what you will about the fruit colored iMacs, in their day they revolutionized the appearance of every type of gadget from cordless phones to desk lamps -- it was possibly the most copied look in Apple's history (even moreso than early Windows looking like early MacOS) because EVERYONE was doing it.


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Jun 4, 2003
I love threads like these. How many PC forums have threads with these kind of responses in them? I just can't see PC users talking so fondly about previous PCs and the like. :)

Doctor Q

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Sep 19, 2002
Los Angeles
My Quadra 840AV. Sniff, it was the greatest machine ever!

When I went to my first Power Mac, I couldn't bear to sell or toss the 840AV, so it's still sitting in the house, and still works if I turn it on, and will remain a keepsake forever and ever.

:wipes tear:


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Jun 15, 2005
Favourite, probably have to agree, my TiBook 800, especially after I installed a superdrive and an 80gig harddrive in it. The poor thing has been worked to death and is paint flake central but its been a fantastic computer. My new iMac G5 is certainly trying for the crown though.

Respect has to go out to the 12" ibook though, I dropped one of those from shoulder height at Heathrow Airport when I as going to a presentation in Finland, keys flew off, drive tray flew out and was hanging on by wires and the screen bent at a funny angle and wouldnt close. Popped the keys back in, same with the drive, bent the screen back to the right position and the little trooper looked none the worse for wear, tough little buggers*, saved my bacon that day I tell ya - if that had been a TiBook... :eek:

* When we got back to the office it turned out the internal frame had cracked but the thing still held together and we got years of use out of it.


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Mar 26, 2004

Gotta say pismo. Had one before, but then sold it. I've had pretty much every powerbook since then (got great deals on each of them) but sold them. A few months ago, I picked up a pismo for $200, upgraded it with airport card, 1gb memory, and a 80gb 5400 speed hard drive for $150, giving me the best portable ever for $350.

I have 2 batteries installed giving me near 7 hours battery life. It runs tiger great, and cool enough to work on my bed which is something my 17" powerbook could not do. Airport reception is the best among all powerbooks. Best of everything, I can service it and upgrade it on my own. Even the processor is upgradeable. Never worry about scratches or dents on this one.

My g5 is the perfect power companion to the pismo, which to me is the best portable around. True, it's not as powerful as the powerbook g4's, but my g5 meets my power needs.

The pismo has been so good for me, I just sold my 17" powerbook today.


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Apr 20, 2004
I can't forget my dear love for my 16Mhz PowerBook 140.

I still have it. It's HD is dead though :(


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Jul 9, 2005
My beloved Mac's first was a little LC, knew nothing about computers and the guy at the store said what do you want to do...i said...neat thngs...he said this new LC has a color screen i said gimmie... after about 2 to 3 months I realised I wanted to do mre "neat things" the Quadra 950 had just come out...the guy at the Apple store once again asked "what do you want to do...this time I said..."EVERYTHING' ... he said you want the newest...The Quadra 950!!!!
Gimmie...I think it cost around $ 4500 Canadian maybe more...I got a monitor and an Apple Laser Printer B$W, LOL, went home, hooked up and it made this big operetic like sound...I loved it...soooo coool!
I loved that machine and bragged about it everywhere! Then there was my first PowerBook the 100, crude by todays standards...but people used to ask ME...what do you do with it.... I used to say ...anything...ANYWHERE...bit of a lie but no one really knew much about them! LOL
habe to go get a Kleenex, just brought out a tear!

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