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  1. N

    MBP15 (May 2019), hanging update Mojave 10.14.6

    Hi, I started the update for 10.14.6 this morning on a brand new MBP (May 2019). After the restart the little startup "sun rays" icon shows up, and starts turning extremely slowly, ie. nothing happens for 5/10 secs, then it turns a bit, and then it waits again. This has been going on now for...
  2. K

    Boot Camp, Windows install not finding Boot Camp partition

    Just wondering if someone else has a similar problem. I got an iMac 27'' Retina 5k (late 2014) and want to install Windows 10 using Boot Camp. I'm running on macOS Mojave 10.14.6. BCA completes the download of the Windows support file successfully, creates the BC partition and starts up with...
  3. R

    10.14.6 supplemental update causes hard system crash (GPU panic)

    I have an imac with an Vega 48 and an external 30" monitor attached through displayport through a thunderbolt 3 dock. After installing 10.14.6 supplemental update, the system would crash whenever it is going to sleep. I have to press the power button to restart it. The first such crash occurred...
  4. gaussblurinc

    macOS Mojave (10.14.6) - Update failed. Volume is readonly and SSD is broken.

    Hi! Brief 1. MacBook Pro ( Mid 2015, 15'' ). 2. Update 10.14.5 -> 10.14.6 failed. 3. SSD is broken ( adapter of this non-original SSD is broken ). 4. Error - OS can't unlock partition because it thinks that this partition has FileVault protection, but there is no FileVault protection. 5. All...
  5. haralds

    10.14.6 APFS Issues

    On my Mac Pro 5,1 I started seeing APFS stalling issues and PCIE controller trouble especially with a Catalina disk set mounted. There is frequent beach balling during heavy disk activities. Correlation is not causation. But has anybody else seen issues? My MacBook Pro 2018 seems fine.
  6. haralds

    MP 1,1-5,1 Magic Mouse BTLE Trouble on 10.14.6

    I have an updated BTLE/WiFi card and extended the internal antenna. But BTLE range has always been poor on this computer. No problem with keyboards and Magic Pads, but Magic Mice seem to have issues. In general, things have worked ok. But since 10.14.6 my Magic Mice connections have become...